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African American Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Experience

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The ConfessionThe Confession ~ James McGreevey (Author) (Hardcover - September 1, 2006) Other Editions: Audio CD, LARGE PRINT: Paperback ~ After resigning in a gay sex scandal, former Gov. James McGreevey writes a tell-all memoir about his meteoric rise and spectacular fall in politics.
About Courage ~ Mickey C. Fleming (Paperback - Jan 1989) Other Edition(s): Paperback ~ The saga of a child trapped by the circumstances of his birth and how the city of Washington, D.C. directed his upbringing. It is filled with energy, kindness, insight, and laughter, but strewn with the seeds of social disintegration; an explanation, of the genesis of the Black Underclass. An exciting account of how stumbling blocks can be turned into stepping stones.
African Creative Expressions of the Divine ~ Kortright Davis, Elias Farajaje-Jones, and Iris Eaton (Paperback - 1991) ~ Elias Farajaje-Jones (who is Gay), assured me that gay men and lesbians are an integral and often a very strong part in most African religions. This book covers African images and religious traditions, as well as the transported versions that appear in the Western Hemisphere (Santeria , Candomble, Shango, Voodoo, etc.), and covers the continuing spiritual and cultural linkages between the two worlds.
Ain't I a Woman (Black Women and Feminism) ~ bell hooks (Paperback - 1988)
Ain't I a Woman: Black Women and FeminismAin't I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism ~ bell hooks (Paperback - Jul 30, 1999) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ hooks theorizes on the need for an autonomous movement to support the right of Black women and to push for change concerning the issues of racism, sexism and societal oppression that has victimized Black women historically in this country since the days of slavery. Black male attitudes of sexist oppression receive dialogue.
All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes (Vintage)All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes (Vintage) ~ Maya Angelou (Paperback - Jun 4, 1991) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback, School & Library Binding
The Amen Corner: A Play (Vintage International)The Amen Corner: A Play (Vintage International) ~ James Baldwin (Paperback - Feb 17, 1998) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Mass Market Paperback, School & Library Binding ~ Vibrant with the music and energy of America's black church and bristling with the pain and anger of America's racial injustice. This is a riveting, unforgettable drama. Razor sharp dialogue peels away the public image of the charismatic preacher Sister Margaret to display a wounded woman's heart.
American Dreams (Vintage Contemporaries)American Dreams (Vintage Contemporaries) ~ Sapphire (Paperback - Jun 18, 1996) Other Edition(s): Paperback ~ Through a series of prose and poetry works she addresses issues of family violence, urban decay, spiritual renewal, the wilding incident in Central Park as seen through the eyes of the perpetrators, incest, the Latasha Harlan murder in L.A., and other areas of African American life today. Her work transcends these harsh realities and finds hope and inspiration as guiding principles.
American Sexual Politics: Sex, Gender, and Race since the Civil War ~ John C. Fout and Maura Shaw Tantillo (Paperback - Jun 15, 1993) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ In this collection of sixteen essays, the shifting tensions between sexual reform and repression are seen in historical explorations of men's and women's sexuality, of the sexual-social dynamics of lesbians and gay men, of the violent repression of African-American sexuality. Includes essays ~ Lillian Faderman on the return of the butch-femme, Arthur Flannigan Saint Aubin on black gay male discourse and Katherine Cummings on teaching AIDS.
Another Country (Vintage International)Another Country (Vintage International) ~ James Baldwin (Paperback - Dec 1, 1992) Other Edition(s): Mass Market Paperback, Audio Cassette, Unknown Binding ~ Baldwin sets the scenes of his novel in Manhattan and Harlem. Men and women, Black and white are shed of class, race, gender, color to reveal raw passion, emotion and sensuality. Considered one of the most revealing hard core and honest portrayals of urban decadence and degradation to ever be portrayed especially ~ a Black American author.
B.B. and the Diva ~ Rupert Kinnard (Paperback - April 1992) ~ Meet the Brown Bomber, a young African-American superhero and his best friend, a reincarnated African-American, lesbonic vegetarian, feminist educator, as they confront George Bush, the Pope, Jesse Helms, and others with an ageless form of therapy known as slapthology, in this lively antidote to the white world of the Sunday comics.
B-Boy Blues: A Seriously Sexy, Fiercely Funny, Black-on-Black Love Story (B-Boy Blues (Paperback)) ~ James Earl Hardy (Paperback - Nov 1994 ~ Mitchell Crawford always wished and dreamed for a Ruffneck, a hip-hop loving, street struttin, crotch grabbin brotha. And he finally finds one in Raheim Rivers, who is a vision of lust: six feet tall and 215 pounds of mocha-chocolate muscle. Mitchell know Raheim will take him for a walk on the wild side, especially between the sheets. But he doesn't count on getting behind Raheim's mask and finding someone he can love. More B-Boy Blues.
Bailey's Cafe (Vintage Contemporaries) ~ Gloria Naylor (Paperback - Aug 31, 1993) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback, Audio Cassette ~ Welcome to the most mythically real eating place in an urban backwater. It draws a wide variety of customers: Sadie, addicted to alcohol and cleanliness; Eve, the fresh flower Madame; Peaches, with the marred face and goddess-like body; Jesse, whose love for a woman cannot overcome her love of heroine; Miss Maple, the transvestite who enters contests; and Mariam, the Ethiopian child who may be the bearer of a miracle.
The Best of Simple (American Century Series, Ac39)The Best of Simple (American Century Series, Ac39) ~ Langston Hughes (Paperback - Sep 28, 1990) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback
The Big Sea: An Autobiography (American Century Series) ~ Langston Hughes and Arnold Rampersad (Paperback - Aug 1, 1993) Other Edition(s): Unknown Binding ~ First volume of his autobiography of his first thirty years. From his birth in Joplin, MO, his abandonment ~ his father, the constant moving with his mother, his years at Columbia, the Lincoln University, living in Paris, and his rise to one of the central figures of Harlem's Black Renaissance.
The Black Back-Ups: Poetry ~ Kate Rushin (Paperback - Mar 1993) Other Edition(s): Hardcover~ This collection captures the faces, voices, feelings, words, and stories of an African-American family, people in the neighborhood and town where she grew up, as well as the people in her life who have helped to sustain her.
Black BookBlack Book ~ Ntozake Shange and Robert Mapplethorpe (Hardcover - Dec 15, 1986) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback ~ This volume presents an astonishing photo study of black men today. In their diversity, impact, subtlety, technical virtuosity, erotic appeal, and deep humanity, this collection is a stunning celebration of the contemporary black male.
Black Butterflies ~ John R. Gordon (Paperback - Aug 1993) ~ Wesley and Floyd were teenage tearaways in South London, best mates with a strong erotic charge sparking just below the surface. Floyd's tragic death brought Wesley together with Sharon, Floyd's girlfriend, each drawn by the other's pain into a marriage based on illusion and self-deceit. As their relationship fails, Wesley flees and meets Paul a young painter trying to overcome his white foster parents and cling to his art.
Black Heroes: Seven Plays ~ Errol Hill (Paperback - May 1, 2000) Here for the first time in one volume are plays--many of which have been unavailable for decades--which pronounce a black American struggle for freedom, advancement and equality from the days of slavery to the era of civil rights. The full scope of their dramas becomes a tableau vivante of black history.
Noah's Arc - The Complete Second SeasonNoah's Arc - The Complete Second Season (DVD) ~ Patrik-Ian Polk (Director DVD), Jensen Atwood (Wade), Darryl Stephens (Noah), Christian Vincent (II) (Ricky), Jeremy Batiste (Raphael), Rodney Chester (Alex), Douglas Spearman (Chance), Jonathan Julian and Gregory Keith ~ Logo's ground-breaking, one-of-a-kind series Noah's Arc follows all four as they chart an uncertain course through the City of Angels, where laughter and drama are never in short supply. More Noah's Arc Seasons.
Black Lesbian in White America ~ Anita Cornwell (Paperback - Jun 1983) A collection of writing analyzing racial and sexual oppression from a political perspective. Written long before current thought. Cornwall is a pioneer.
Black Lesbians: An Annotated Bibliography ~ J. R. Roberts (Paperback - Jun 1981) Categorizes and describes those books, periodicals, records, and more that make up the core of the Black Lesbian experience. A valuable addition to any lesbian library.
Black Looks: Race and Representation ~ bell hooks (Paperback - May 1992) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ In these eleven new essays, black feminist author hooks digs ever deeper into the personal and political consequences of contemporary representations of race and ethnicity with a white supremacists culture.
Black Men/White Men: A Gay Anthology ~ Michael J. Smith, Michael Grumley, and Sierra Domino (Paperback - Jul 1999) Other Edition(s): Paperback ~ Blacks and whites as friends and lovers. Short stories as well as poems, art, etc.
Black Southern Voices: An Anthology of Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Nonfiction, and Critical Essays ~ John Oliver Killens and Jerry Washington Ward (Paperback - Dec 1992 An anthology of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama and critical essays that celebrates the richly textured black voices of the South, their cadences steeped in the sonorous heritage of the oral tradition. It is an exciting collection that brings together dozens of distinguished names from Zora Neale Hurston to Nikki Giovanni to Richard Wright.
Black Theology: A Documentary History: Volume Two: 1980-1992 ~ James H. Cone and Gayraud S. Wilmore (Paperback - Jun 1993) Other Edition(s): Paperback ~ A collection of essays discussing black theology and spirituality also includes essays about black gays and lesbians, bisexuality, womanist theology, and other issues of interest today.
The Black Woman's Gumbo Ya-Ya: Quotations ~ Black Women ~ Terri L. Jewell (Paperback - Oct 1993) Thoughts, observations, viewpoints, songs, poetry, dreams, jazz lyrics, and proverbs from 350 black women the world over. These women are survivors, rulers, thinkers, warriors, lovers, and movers and shakers.
Black Women: Bringing It All Back Home ~ Margaret Prescod-Roberts (Paperback - Feb 1980) From Barbados to Brooklyn from Jamaica to Bristol, two accounts of girlhood in the West Indies, the upheaval of leaving and the conflicts of being an American immigrant.
Black women talk poetry (Unknown Binding - 1987) Black Womantalk Publishing Collective proudly presents its first publication, an anthology covering the works of twenty black women.
Blackbird (Little Sister's Classics)Blackbird (Little Sister's Classics) ~ Larry Duplechan and Michael Nava (Paperback - May 1, 2006) Other Edition(s): Paperback, Unknown Binding ~ It was a month to remember for Johnnie Ray Rousseau, a gay black high school boy: it was the month Todd Waterson, high-school hero and all-around hunk, got the Baptist minister's daughter pregnant, the month sweet Cherie Barker, his girlfriend, decided the time had come for them to make love, the month he met Marshall MacNeill, surely the sexiest man ever to walk the earth. And, of course, the month of his exorcism.
Blues for Mister Charlie: A Play (Vintage International) ~ James Baldwin (Paperback - April 25, 1995) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Mass Market Paperback, Unknown Binding~ Unforgettable contemporary drama of murder and palpable racism. Bristles with fierce intensity, love, and humanity. A piercing vision of our nation, our times, and ourselves.
Bom CriouloBom Crioulo ~ Adolfo Caminha (Paperback - Mar 31, 2006)
Bom-Crioulo: The Black Man and the Cabin Boy ~ Adolfo Caminha (Paperback - Jun 1982) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ First English translation of a controversial novel tracing the relationship between a mature black man and a boy of 15, a relationship which develops during their service in the Brazilian navy of the late 19th century.
Breaking Bread: Insurgent Black Intellectual Life ~ bell hooks and Cornel West (Paperback - May 1991) Other Edition(s): Hardcover~ In this captivating dialogue, hooks and West grapple with the dilemmas, contradictions, and joys of Black intellectual life. Creating a spiritual, progressive, feminist, and ultimately organic definition of Black intellectuality, they discuss issues ranging from theology and the Left, to contemporary poplar culture.
Brother to Brother: New Writings ~ Black Gay Men ~ Essex Hemphill (Paperback - Aug 1991), Black men loving Black men is a call to action... We Take care of our own kind when the night grows cold and silent.--late editor Joseph Beam. This new anthology of fiction, essays, and poetry ~ black gay men includes contributions from Assotto Saint, Craig Harris, Melvin Dixon, Marlon Riggs, and many newer writers.
A Burst of Light: Essays ~ Audre Lorde (Hardcover - Aug 1988) Other Edition(s): Paperback~ Audre Lorde - black poet, lesbian, and mother - illuminates living life to the fullest in the presence of death. Courageous, wise, and once again battling cancer, she uses the dailiness of her life as the material for her own transformation.
The Cancer Journals: The Original Edition ~ Audre Lorde (Paperback - Jun 1980) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback ~ Winner: Gay Book of the Year, American library Association
Captain Swing ~ Larry Duplechan (Paperback - April 1996) ~ Johnnie Ray Rousseau's life is at its lowest ebb. The love of his life was killed in a hit-and-run, and now he's been called to the deathbed of his hateful, homophobic father. There he meets Nigel, his second cousin, who looks like mortal sin in Levi's and a tank top, and who offers a love that Johnnie is none too sure he ought to accept.
Black American Short Stories: A Century of the Best ~ John Henrik Clarke (Library Binding - Oct 1999) Other Edition(s): Paperback~ A broad collection of writings including Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, James McPherson, Chester Himes and Frank Yerby.
Ceremonies: Prose and PoetryCeremonies: Prose and Poetry ~ Essex Hemphill and Charles Nero (Paperback - April 2000) Other Edition(s): Paperback ~ A collection of prose and poetry exploring the experience of being a black gay man, Featuring both published pieces and work that has never before appeared in print, it is the only available collection of writing ~ one of the gay community's most prominent artists.
Change of Territory ~ Melvin Dixon (Paperback - Jan 1987) Dixon's first book of poems covers much ground in historical and personal experiences through the language of exile and return, and a search for love and selfhood.
Chemical Dependency and the African American - Second Edition: Counseling and Prevention Strategies ~ Peter Bell (Paperback - Sep 1, 2002) Other Edition(s): Paperback ~ Addiction and community service professionals will find guidance for working with African-American clients and communities in this thought-provoking booklet.
Children of Apartness ~ Elaine Upton (Paperback - April 1993) a Baltimore poetess who says she is a lesbian and so is her poetry.

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