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African American Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Experience

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The ConfessionThe Confession ~ James McGreevey (Author) (Hardcover - September 1, 2006) Other Editions: Audio CD, LARGE PRINT: Paperback ~ After resigning in a gay sex scandal, former Gov. James McGreevey writes a tell-all memoir about his meteoric rise and spectacular fall in politics.
Coffee Will Make You Black: A Novel ~ April Sinclair (Paperback - Feb 1, 1995) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, School & Library Binding ~ A sensitive honest portrayal of young Stevie Stevenson who is experiencing the pangs of being an African-American teenager in the early-to-mid sixties. It is also a time when Stevie is becoming aware of her sexuality and realizing that she is more attracted to the school nurse than the boy she is dating.
The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes (Vintage Classics) ~ Langston Hughes and Arnold Rampersad (Paperback - Oct 31, 1995) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ A complete collection, 8960 poems that sound the heartbeat of black life in America during four turbulent decades.
The Color of the Heart: Writing from Struggle & Change 1959-1990 ~ Susan Sherman (Paperback - April 1990)
The Color of Trees ~ Canaan Parker (Paperback - Oct 1992) Peter, a black scholarship student from Harlem, takes life too seriously at his new, mostly white boarding school. There he meets T.J., a wellborn but hyperactive imp with little use for clothing. Here, in his first novel, Parker explores the formation of both racial and homosexual identities, and the conflicts created by the narrator's dual allegiance.
The Color Purple ~ Alice Walker (Paperback) The wondrous Pulitzer Prize winning novel, now a major motion picture! A story of two sisters, one a missionary in Africa and the other a child wife in the South, that breaks ground in its portrayal of the bonding of women.
Color, Sex and Poetry: Three Women Writers of the Harlem Renaissance (Blacks in the Diaspora Series and Everywomen Series) ~ Gloria T. Hull (Paperback - Jun 1987) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ Biographical study of three Harlem Renaissance poets: Here are Alice Dunbar-Nelson voicing racial concerns everywhere but in her literary work; the mysterious, lonely Angelina Grimke, a lesbian writing about lynching; and Georgia Douglas Johnson, a gifted poet who at 62 waited in a clerical pool for a few hours' work.
Combabee River Collective Statement: Black Feminist Organizations in the 70s and 80s (Paperback) ~ Combahee River Collective
Common Differences: Conflicts in Black and White Feminist Perspectives ~ Gloria Joseph and Jill Lewis (Paperback - Mar 1986) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Unknown Binding
The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou ~ Maya Angelou (Hardcover - Sep 13, 1994) Other Edition(s): Paperback~ This volume collects all of the poems previously published in book form: Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water, Oh Pray My Wings Gonna Fit Me Well, And Still I Rise, Shaker, and many others.
CONCENTRIC CIRCLES ~ Ron Morgan ~ Born in Washington, D.C. in 1942 and blind since 1964, Morgan writes historical folklore from city life with a pithy and incisive perception.
Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day ~ Nikki Giovanni (Paperback - April 1, 1980)
Critical Essays: Gay and Lesbian Writers of Color by Emmanuel S. Nelson (Paperback - April 1994) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ This pioneering work is the first book to systematically explore the literature of gay and lesbian writers of color in the United States. It challenges the marginalization and tokenization of gay men and lesbians of color in the dominant academic discourses ~ focusing exclusively on the imaginative work of representative Native-, Asian-, Latino(a)-, and African American writers.
Deep Are the Roots: Memoirs of a Black Expatriate ~ Gordon Heath (Paperback - April 1996) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ In this delightful and poignant memoir, Heath tells the story of his formative years, from childhood in New York to his awakening homosexuality to his training in the arts. He was an accomplished actor whose career spanned five decades on the major stages.
The Devil Finds Work ~ James Baldwin (Paperback - Jun 13, 2000) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Mass Market Paperback ~ Bette Davis' eyes, Joan Crawford's bitchy elegance, Stepin Fetchit's stereotype, Sidney Poitier's superhuman black man, these are the movie stars and the qualities that influenced Baldwin, and now become part of his incisive look at racism in American movies.
Diary of a Young Soul Rebel ~ Isaac Julien and Colin MacCabe (Hardcover - Dec 1991) Other Edition(s): Paperback ~ Based on the film of the same name, this book includes the movie's full script and a diary the filmmaker recorded during the production of the film. Includes many still shots of movie scenes. The story itself deals with two black disc jockeys, one of whom is dealing with his homosexuality and white lover during a time of racial tensions in 1970's London.
Double Stitch: Black Women Write About Mothers and Daughters ~ Patricia Bell-Scott (Paperback - Jan 1993) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ With a notable ~ Maya Angelou, 47 of America's leading black feminists explore the richness and complexity of black mother-daughter relationships in this monumental work of scholarship, which includes poems, stories, and essays ~ Alice Walker, bell hooks, June Jordan, Audre Lorde, Sonia Sanchez, and others.
Dust Tracks on a Road: An Autobiography ~ Zora Neale Hurston (Paperback - Jun 19, 1996) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback, School & Library Binding, Unknown Binding
The Eating Hill ~ Karen Mitchell (Author) (Paperback - Oct 1989)
Erotique Noire/Black EroticaErotique Noire/Black Erotica ~ Miriam Decosta-Willis, Reginald Martin, and Roseann P. Bell (Author) (Paperback - Aug 18, 1992) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback ~ African, African-, Latin-, and Caribbean-American men and women, gay and straight, novelists, poets, essayists, and scholars provide a Pandora's box of sexy and sensual delights ranging from the lyrical to the lascivious, from the prurient to the provocative.
The Evidence of Things Not Seen: Reissued EditionThe Evidence of Things Not Seen: Reissued Edition ~ James Baldwin (Paperback - April 15, 1995) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback ~ Using the Wayne Williams/Atlanta child-murder case both as a subject and a springboard, Baldwin covers the whole spectrum of this country's life while focusing on the problems of blacks in white America. What's happened to the American Dream?
Experimental Love: Poetry ~ Cheryl Clarke (Hardcover - Oct 1993) Other Edition(s): Paperback by the pre-eminent African-American lesbian poet writing today, with a heady command of the language, the ability to work in a variety of forms, and an uncompromising Black and queer stance, she continues her thematic explorations of love objects and death subjects.
Feminist Theory, Second Edition: From Margin to Center (South End Press Classics Series) ~ bell hooks (Paperback - May 1, 2000) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback
For the Love of Men: Shikata Gai Nai ~ Sdiane Bogus (Paperback - Sep 1991) This is a first collection of poems written ~ a lesbian to, for, and about gay men. Bogus renders uncommonly tender, empathic, and telling portraits of, and perspectives on, the gay men in her life.
The Forbidden Poems ~ Becky Birtha (Paperback - Mar 1991) Beginning with poems about confronting racism and her empowerment as an African-American woman and feminist, Birtha proceeds into the realm of personal grief at the loss of a long-time lover.
The Forerunners: Black Poets in America ~ Woodie King (Paperback - Sep 1981) The sixteen black poets included in this anthology form a bridge between the creative optimists of the Renaissance years and the poetic activists of the '60s and '70s. A collection of work ~ poets who moved beyond a poetry of reaction to a poetry that found its resolutions and meanings in black history. There is poetry of Africa, joy, protest, celebration, and resignation—poetry that looks to the past as well as to the future. Kings assembles contributions from the following: Samuel Allen, Russell Atkins, Arna Bontemps, Gwendolyn Brooks, Sterling Brown, Margaret Burroughs, Margaret Danner, Frank Marshall Davis, Owen Dodson, Robert Hayden, Lance Jeffers, Oliver LaGrone, Naomi Long Madgett, Dudley Randall, Margaret Walker, and Jay Wright. These pioneering artists’ collected personal reflections about the future, both for their poetry and themselves as imaginative synthesizers of the craft, make this anthology unique.
Noah's Arc - The Complete Second SeasonNoah's Arc - The Complete Second Season (DVD) ~ Patrik-Ian Polk (Director DVD), Jensen Atwood (Wade), Darryl Stephens (Noah), Christian Vincent (II) (Ricky), Jeremy Batiste (Raphael), Rodney Chester (Alex), Douglas Spearman (Chance), Jonathan Julian and Gregory Keith ~ Logo's ground-breaking, one-of-a-kind series Noah's Arc follows all four as they chart an uncertain course through the City of Angels, where laughter and drama are never in short supply. More Noah's Arc Seasons.
Forty-Three Septembers: EssaysForty-Three Septembers: Essays ~ Jewelle Gomez (Paperback - Oct 1993) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ These essays weave together the varied strands of experience that contribute to her writing life: Black, lesbian, Native American, raised poor, ex-Catholic, fantasy-fiction author all are blended here. Exploring her relationship to her grandmother and other women, gay men, coming out, and the political climate, all with a mythic sense of heroism.
Fragments That Remain ~ Steven Corbin (Paperback - Feb 1995) Other Edition(s): Hardcover~ Skylar Whyte, a critically acclaimed actor, is the eldest son in a dysfunctional African-American Family. This book explores the dynamics of a family in which the lighter complexed child is favored over his darker brother. It examines the subtle and sometimes not so subtle layers of racism within an interracial homosexual couple, and in the gay community at large.
Gather Together in My NameGather Together in My Name ~ Maya Angelou (Paperback - Feb 1, 1985) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback, Mass Market Paperback, School & Library Binding
Geechies ~ Gregory Millard (Paperback - Jun 1992)
Geechies: Poems 1972-1982Geechies: Poems 1972-1982 ~ Gregory Millard (Paperback - Oct 1985) / Back in slavery times/three slaves got off/Massuh's wagon to pee./The wagon rolled on and left/them behind and they were/captured ~ Cree Indians./Massuh never missed them. This is the real South, from the swamp slime of hatred to the magnolia blossom sweetness of life.
Gemini: An Extended Autobiographical Statement on My First Twenty Five Years of Being a Black Poet ~ Nikki Giovanni (Paperback - Nov 1976)Other Edition(s): Hardcover
Getting It Together: The Black Man's Guide to Good Grooming and Fashion by Mike Fields and A. Peter Bailey (Paperback - Sep 1983) Michael's knowledge of grooming and fashion was vital to our looking good on stage and off. We are sure that his book can add something to your life and help you get it together.
The Gilda stories by Jewelle Gomez (Paperback - Jan 30, 2005) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback~ As her black heroine strides across time, listening to the sounds of the world and trying to add her own voice, she learns that immortality is not simple. History offers grand scale cataclysms and everyday horrors, and Gilda's longing for community, for the bonding of kindred spirits, puts hers at particular risk
Giovanni's Room ~ James Baldwin (Paperback - Jun 13, 2000) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback, Mass Market Paperback, Audio Cassette; Desire comes crashing through conventional morality when a young American expatriate in Paris falls in love with a woman and a man. Baldwin's sharp insights create a complex story of passion and death in this gay classic.
Good Sense and the Faithless ~ Michelle T. Clinton (Paperback - Aug 1994) These are poems about abuse and survival, finding love amidst madness, and coming of age as a woman of color. Clinton turns inward to explore and explode the myths of her complex sensuality/sexuality/ love.
Haruko/Love Poems (High Risk Books) ~ June Jordan (Paperback - Feb 1, 1993) Expands and redefines the traditional idea of the love poem. In the first half, Jordan writes to Haruko in the style of the Neruda love poems. Taking from the haiku its purity and economy, but giving it her own vision. Following the Haruko poems is a selection by Adrienne Rich and Sara Miles from 20 years of love poems that bear witness to the depth and breadth of June Jordan's poetic brilliance.
Healing Heart: Poems 1973-1988 ~ Gloria T. Hull and Michele Gibbs (Paperback - Mar 1989) Along with Toni Morrison, Charlotte Carter, and Lois Elaine Griffith, we are blessed with another foreign tongue: the voice of a free, fearsome, sensual and vivid woman of color. Gloria Hull is 'family.' She's one of us. She means to live.
HerHer ~ Cherry Muhanji (Paperback - Dec 1990) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback ~ Her is the story of Black men and women who came north in the 50s and 60s to Detroit for jobs and opportunities denied them in the south. It's a story about John R. Street, the Harlem of Detroit, where these men and women spent their nights trying to forget their days on the assembly lines of Motor City. Her is a rowdy, irreverent novel exploring a myriad of relationships between Black omen (mother and daughter, mother and daughter-in-law, lesbians, Black and "hi-yellah") that together depict the struggle of Black women: how they hold each other up and sometimes let each other down. And how their very lives teach each other survival. Her is a technically flawless, robust novel written with passion and a keen observation of the human condition by an author of both talent and insight.
Her, Second Edition ~ Cherry Muhanji and Mattie Richardson (Paperback - Sep 1, 2006)
Her Blue Body Everything We Know: Earthling Poems 1965-1990 Complete ~ Alice Walker (Paperback - May 19, 2003) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback ~ An anthology of new and uncollected poems alongside her earlier poetry. Revelatory introductions to the sections become essential threads in the tapestry of the tightly woven poems.
Her Head: A VillageHer Head: A Village ~ Makeda Silvera (Paperback - Jun 1994) Told with candor and compassion, these are stories of a mother facing deportation after nine years of struggle and saving, of a lesbian love which persists despite differences of class and color, of the harsh realities of racism and homophobia, and of abiding friendships between women.
Here to Dare: 10 Gay Black Poets : Arthur T. Wilson, John D. Williams, Robert Westley, Harold McNeil Robinson, Craig A. Reynolds, Steve Langley, Cary Alan Johnson, Steve Langley, David Warren Frechette, Don Charles, and Djola Bernard Branner ~ Assotto Saint (Paperback - Jul 1992) Ten fierce and passionate poets often using gritty language that delights and disturbs with rhythms that hit you like winds and waves. Includes works by Arthur T. Wilson, John D. Williams, Robert Westley, Harold McNeil Robinson, Craig A. Reynolds, Cary Alan Johnson, Steve Langley, David Warren Frechette, Don Charles, and Djola Bernard Branner.
Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology ~ Barbara Smith (Paperback - April 2000) Other Edition(s): Hardcover, Paperback ~ A far-reaching collection of essays, poetry and prose on the black feminist experience. Includes contributions by Audre Lorde, Jewelle Gomez, June Jordan, Alice Walker, and many more.
Humid Pitch: Narrative PoetryHumid Pitch: Narrative Poetry ~ Cheryl Clarke (Paperback - Oct 1989) Long a recorder of the difficult, juicy moment, the questions of difference, Cheryl Clarke gives us acute highlights along a journey traveled with resolve, pain, joy. The best of her language has a singing tautness that is direct and unavoidable, often elegant.-Audre Lorde
A Hundred Days from Now: A Novel ~ Steven Corbin (Hardcover - Jun 1994) Dexter Baldwin is a celebrated black screenwriter, openly gay in both his personal and private life. When he meets Sergio, a self-made millionaire, they embark on a relationship that seems perfect, but Sergio is closeted, to family and his business. As Sergio's health begins to erode from AIDS, he gambles on an experimental bone marrow transplant that may or may not help. It will take 100 days to see if it works. A hundred days in which Sergio's Catholic family must deal with his illness, his homosexuality, and his lover.
A Hunger So Wide and So Deep: American Women Speak Out on Eating Problems ~ Becky W. Thompson (Paperback - Jul 1996) Other Edition(s): Hardcover ~ Based on in-depth life history interviews with African-American, Latina, and lesbian women, this book chronicles the effects of racism, poverty, sexism, acculturation, and sexual abuse on women's bodies and eating patterns.

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