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Have You Heard of Purple PasturesHave You Heard of Purple Pastures : Raymon Reed and Esther Arce-Reed ~ Illustrated by Chad Thompson

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Baby Books

Babies (Baby Einstein) by Julie Aigner-Clark (Books), Baby Einstein (Books)
Baby Einstein by Julie Aigner-Clark (Books) (Creator)
Baby Einstein Mimi's Toes by Julie Aigner-Clark (Books), Nadeem Zaidi (Books) (Illustrator)
Baby Shakespeare ~ VHS ~ The fourth "video board book" from the Baby Einstein folks is their most engaging product yet. Aimed at slightly older audiences (ages 1 to 4), Baby Shakespeare combines poetry with the usual mix of festive classical music, bright objects, and happy thoughts designed to stimulate young minds. This... Read more
Cats (Baby Einstein) by Julie Aigner-Clark (Books)
Counting Kisses by Karen Katz (Books) (Author)
Dogs (Baby Einstein) by Julie Aigner-Clark (Books), Baby Einstein (Books)
Jane's Animal Expedition (Baby Einstein) by Julie Aigner Clark (Books), et al
Language Nursery (Baby Einstein Books) by Julie Aigner-Clark (Books) (Editor), et al
Mirror Me by Julie Aigner Clark (Books), et al
Neighborhood Animals (Baby Einstein Books)Neighborhood Animals (Baby Einstein Books) by Marilyn Singer (Books) (Editor), et al
OPPOSITES by Sandra Boynton (Author)
Poems for Little Ones (Baby Einstein Books) by Julie Aigner-Clark (Books) (Editor), et al
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers by Tracy Hogg (Books), Melinda Blau (Books) (Contributor)
 See and Spy Counting (Baby Einstein Books)See and Spy Counting (Baby Einstein Books) by Julie Aigner-Clark (Books) (Editor), et al
See and Spy Shapes (Baby Einstein Books)See and Spy Shapes (Baby Einstein Books) by Julie Aigner-Clark (Books) (Editor), et al
The ABCs of Art (Baby Einstein) by Julie Aigner-Clark (Books), et al
Van Gogh's World of Color (Baby Einstein Books) by Vincent Van Gogh (Books) (Illustrator), et al
Where is Baby's Mommy? by Karen Katz (Books) (Author)
More Baby (Books)
More Baby Einstein (Books)

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