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Politics and the Presidency

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Death Penalty

A Life for a Life: Life Imprisonment (America's Other Death Penalty) by James A. Paluch Jr., et al

Against the Death Penalty: Christian and Secular Arguments Against Capital Punishment by Gardner C. Hanks (Paperback - October 1, 1997) Other Editions: Paperback
America Without the Death Penalty: States Leading the Way by John F. Galliher, et al (Hardcover - June 1, 2002)
Choosing Mercy: A Mother of Murder Victims Pleads to End the Death Penalty by Antoinette Bosco (Paperback - March 1, 2001)
Dead Man Walking : An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States by HELEN PREJEAN ~ Other Editions: School & Library Binding | Paperback
Death Penalty (A Charley Sloan Courtroom Thriller) by William Coughlin (Paperback - November 2, 2004) Other Editions: Hardcover | Mass Market Paperback | Hardcover (Large Print)
Death Penalty Cases: Leading U.S. Supreme Court Cases on Capital Punishment by Barry Latzer (Paperback - December 1, 1997) Other Editions: Paperback

Death Penalty Cases, Second Edition by Barry Latzer

Death Penalty Decisions of the United States Supreme Court by Maureen Harrison (Editor), et al (Paperback - February 11, 2003)

Death Penalty in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series) by Victor Streib (Paperback - October 10, 2002)

Death Watch: A Death Penalty Anthology by Lane Nelson, Burk Foster

Debating the Death Penalty: Should America Have Capital Punishment? : The Experts on Both Sides Make Their Best Case by Hugo Adam Bedau, et al
Don't Kill in Our Names: Families of Murder Victims Speak Out Against the Death Penalty by Rachel King
Equal Justice and the Death Penalty: A Legal and Empirical Analysis by David C. Baldus
Executing Justice: The Moral Meaning of the Death Penalty by Lloyd Steffen
Is the Death Penalty Fair? (At Issue Series) by Mary E. Williams (Hardcover - April 1, 2003) Other Editions: Hardcover - March 2003 | Paperback

Is the death penalty just? (Opposing viewpoints pamphlets) by David L Bender

Jurors' Stories of Death : How America's Death Penalty Invests in Inequality (Law, Meaning, and Violence) by Benjamin Dov Fleury-Steiner (Paperback - June 30, 2004) Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

Just Revenge : Costs and Consequences of the Death Penalty by Mark Costanzo (Paperback - October 15, 1997) Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback
Kiss of Death: America's Love Affair With the Death Penalty by John D. Bessler (Paperback - June 1, 2003) Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback
Law, Psychology, and Death Penalty Litigation by James R. Eisenberg, Professional Resource Press (Books)
Life on Death Row: One Man's Fight Against Racism and the Death Penalty by Merrilyn Thomas
Machinery of Death: The Reality of America's Death Penalty Regime by David Dow, Mark Dow (Paperback - May 1, 2002) Other Editions: Library Binding | Paperback
Punishment and the Death Penalty: The Current Debate (Contemporary Issues) by Robert M. Baird, Stuart E. Rosenbaum
Religion and the Death Penalty: A Call for Reckoning by Erik C. Owens

The Abolition of the Death Penalty in International Law by William A. Schabas (Paperback - September 5, 2002) Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback | Digital (Adobe Reader)

Bill Kurtis
American Justice; Introduction by Bill Kurtis by Bill Kurtis (Author) (Hardcover - August 1, 1999)
Bill Kurtis: On Assignment by Bill Kurtis
Chicago (The Magnificent Great Cities) by Bill Kurtis, Santi Visalli (Photographer) (Paperback) Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback
Forever Kansas! by Bill Kurtis (Hardcover)
Sacred Places of Asia: Where Every Breath Is a Prayer by Jon Ortner, et al (Hardcover) Other Editions: Hardcover (Bargain Price)
Strangers in the Holy Land by Bill Kurtis
The Death Penalty on Trial: Crisis in American Justice by Bill Kurtis (Hardcover - November 30, 2004) Bill Kurtis, anchor of the wildly popular true-crime TV series Cold Case Files and American Justice, used to support the death penalty. But after observing the machinations of the justice system for X years, he came to a stunning realization that changed his life: Capital punishment is wrong. There can be no real justice in America until it is abolished.
The New Explorers by Bill Kurtis (Paperback)
We Interrupt This Broadcast: Relive the Events That Stopped Our Lives...from the Hindenburg to the Death of Princess Diana (book with 2 audio CDs) by Joe Garner, et al ~ Other Editions: Hardcover
Windy City Wild: Chicago's Naural Wonders by Robert Shaw (Photographer), et al (Hardcover)
Death Penalty - continued
The Death Penalty: Amnesty International Report
The Death Penalty: An American History by Stuart Banner (Paperback - February 1, 2003) Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback
The Death Penalty and the Disadvantaged: Ideas in Conflict by Gary E. McCuen
The Death Penalty Debate: Two Opposing Views of Capitol Punishment (Issues of Christian Conscience) by H. Wayne House, John Howard Yoder
The Death Penalty: Debating Capital Punishment (Issues in Focus) by Tom Streissguth, Thomas Streissguth (Library Binding - September 1, 2002)
The Death Penalty in America: Current Controversies (Oxford Paperbacks) by Hugo Adam Bedau (Paperback - April 1, 1998) Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback
The Death Penalty on Trial: Crisis in American Justice by Bill Kurtis (Hardcover)
The Death Penalty (Opposing Viewpoints) by Gail Stewart Books (Paperback - March 1, 1998) Other Editions: Library Binding | Paperback

The Death Penalty: Opposing Viewpoints (Opposing Viewpoints) by Mary E. Williams (Paperback - November 1, 2001) Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback

The Execution of a Serial Killer: One Man's Experience Witnessing the Death Penalty by Joseph D. Diaz (Hardcover - February 1, 2003)
The Hangman's Knot: Lynching, Legal Execution, and America's Struggle with the Death Penalty by Eliza Steelwater (Hardcover - July 2003)
The Last Face You'll Ever See: The Private Life of the American Death Penalty by Ivan Solotaroff
Ultimate Punishment : A Lawyer's Reflections on Dealing with the Death Penalty by Scott Turow (Paperback - August 1, 2004) Other Editions: Paperback | Paperback (Large Print) | Digital (Microsoft Reader)
Young Blood: Juvenile Justice and the Death Penalty by Shirley Dicks
More Death Penalty (Books)
More Death Penalty by Subject in Books

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