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Free Digital Books, Articles, and Excerpts

Download a simple PDF from the following contributors
Harvard Business Review on Management Theory (Full e-Doc)
How can you become a discerning consumer of managerial theory who selects the practices most likely to help your company, given its unique circumstances? Harvard Business Review's Why Hard-Nosed Executives Should Care About Management Theory explores how theories develop, what they accomplish, and how you can tell good theories from bad ones.
Free Article: Download Why Hard-Nosed Executives Should Care About Management Theory now.
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Star Trek: Wildfire (Full e-Book)
In Wildfire--from the popular Starfleet Corps of Engineers (Book Subject) series--the Da Vinci goes on a dangerous salvage mission to rescue the U.S.S. Orion from a gas giant. As if the planet's turbulent atmosphere wasn't risky enough, the Orion is carrying a prototype of the deadly Wildfire device--a protomatter warhead that can ignite gas giants into stars.
Free e-Book: Download Wildfire now.
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Star Wars: Vector Prime (Full e-Book)
Vector Prime, the first title in the New Jedi Order (Book Subject) series, is a must-read for Star Wars and science fiction fans. Vector Prime features a rich cast of characters, including old favorites like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa Solo, along with the next generation of Jedi, never-before-seen creatures, droids, and deadly agents of darkness.
Free e-Book: Download Vector Prime now.
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Ylesia by Walter Jon Williams
Recovery by Troy Denning
A Forest Apart by Troy Denning
Two Selections from Seth Godin
Seth Godin, author of the bestselling e-book Really Bad PowerPoint, offers two pieces of free content. The first, an excerpt from Purple Cow, is a manifesto for marketers who want to create remarkable products that are worth paying attention to. The second, a 35-page e-book called Fixing Micah's Site, contains the give-and-take of Seth and his friend Micah, the nation's leading duplicator of CDs for independent musicians. It focuses on how to make Web sites work better, how to create a revenue engine that allows you to grow, and how to profitably use adwords and other sorts of online media to build your business.
Free Seth Godin Selections: Download Purple Cow and Fixing Micah's Site now.
More digital content from Seth Godin:
99 Cows
The Bootstrapper's Bible
Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers
Bob Nelson on Holiday Rewards for Employees (Full e-Doc)
During the holidays, organizations often thank employees for their hard work over the past year with an awards banquet or a company-wide celebration, like passing out turkeys. Although these thanks are well intended, they can backfire and, at times, do more harm than good. In This Holiday, Dump the Turkey and Dish Out the Thanks, Bob Nelson explores ways that organizations can reward their employees for their performance, not just their presence, during the holidays.
Free e-Doc: Download This Holiday, Dump the Turkey and Dish Out the Thanks now.
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101 of the Best No-Cost & Low-Cost Ways to Reward Employees
Be Creative When Rewarding Employees
Overcoming Fear of Taking Initiative
Jonathan Kellerman's Conspiracy Club (e-Book Excerpt)
Over the course of 20 acclaimed suspense novels, most recently The Murder Book and A Cold Heart, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman has pitted psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware against adversaries as disturbed and dangerous as Delaware is clever and compassionate. In Kellerman's gripping new novel, The Conspiracy Club, a different hero holds readers spellbound: a dedicated young psychologist, unschooled in the ways of violent crime and incalculable evil--until his life is irreversibly touched by both. Enjoy the first chapter of The Conspiracy Club now; the entire e-book will be available on November 25.
Free e-Book Excerpt: Download the first chapter of The Conspiracy Club now.
More e-books from Jonathan Kellerman:
Savage Spawn: Reflections on Violent Children
Billy Straight
Po Bronson's What Should I Do with My Life? (e-Book Excerpt)
 Po Bronson explores the question many have pondered in his inspiring What Should I Do with My Life?. His 50 vivid profiles of people searching for "their soft spot--their true calling" will engage readers because Bronson is asking himself the same question.
Free e-Book Excerpt: Download What Should I Do with My Life? now.
Buy the complete e-book
Richard North Patterson's Balance of Power (e-Book Excerpt)
Patterson's masterful portrayals of law and politics at the apex of power have made him one of our most important popular fiction writers. Combining a compelling narrative, exhaustive research, and a sophisticated grasp of contemporary society, his bestselling novels bring explosive social problems to vivid life through richly imagined and intensely real characters. In this free excerpt from Balance of Power, Patterson confronts one of America's most inflammatory issues--the terrible toll of gun violence.
Free e-Book Excerpt: Download Balance of Power now.
Buy the complete e-book
More e-books from Richard North Patterson:
No Safe Place
Protect and Defend
Bruce Springsteen's America by Robert Coles (e-Book Excerpt)
More than just being a biography of Bruce Springsteen the man and artist, this latest book from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Coles examines Springsteen's impact on the lives of his fans and the American literary tradition. In this free excerpt from Bruce Springsteen's America: The People Listening, a Poet Singing, Coles portrays Springsteen as part of a uniquely American documentary tradition of singing and traveling poets who don't simply embody the culture of which they sing, they fully engage it. A must-read for Springsteen's legions of fans.
Free e-Book Excerpt: Download Bruce Springsteen's America now.
Jeffery Deaver's The Christmas Present (Full e-Book Story)
New York Times-bestselling thriller writer Jeffery Deaver offers The Christmas Present, a new story from his upcoming story collection, Twisted (not yet available as an e-book). The Christmas Present features Deaver's most popular hero, forensic criminologist Lincoln Rhyme.
Free e-Book Story: Download The Christmas Present now.
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The Vanished Man
The Stone Monkey
The Empty Chair
More Free Digital Books, Articles, and Excerpts

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