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Gay Reader VI

The ConfessionThe Confession ~ James McGreevey (Author) (Hardcover - September 1, 2006) Other Editions: Audio CD, LARGE PRINT: Paperback ~ After resigning in a gay sex scandal, former Gov. James McGreevey writes a tell-all memoir about his meteoric rise and spectacular fall in politics.
10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Find Real Love by Joe Kort
101 Gay Sex Secrets Revealed by Jonathan Bass ~ From foreplay to role playing, 100 percent homo-tested and boyfriend-approved, everything in this book is designed to keep 'em coming back for more.
The Best American Erotica 2007 (Best American Erotica) by Susie Bright (Author) (Paperback - Feb 6, 2007) More Best American Erotica (Book Subject)
Best Gay Erotica 2007 (Best Gay Erotica)Best Gay Erotica 2007 (Best Gay Erotica) by Richard Labonte and Timothy J. Lambert (Author) (Paperback - Nov 28, 2006) More Best Gay Erotica (Book Subject)
Best Gay Erotica 2006 by Richard Labonté, Matthew Bernstein Sycamore
Best Gay Love Stories 2005 by Nick Street
Best Gay Love Stories 2005 (Best Gay Love Stories) by Nick Street
Best Gay Love Stories 2006 by Nick Street
Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 (Best Lesbian Erotica)Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 (Best Lesbian Erotica) by Tristan Taormino and Emma Donoghue (Author) (Paperback - Nov 28, 2006) More Best Lesbian Erotica (Book Subject)
Best Women's Erotica 2007 (Best Women's Erotica)Best Women's Erotica 2007 (Best Women's Erotica) by Violet Blue (Author) (Paperback - Nov 28, 2006) More Best Women's Erotica (Book Subject)
More Gay Erotica by Subject (Books)
Blue Days, Black Nights : A Memoir by Ron Nyswaner ~ Other: Hardcover | Paperback ~ From Publishers Weekly ~ Having lived with psychological scars since childhood, screenwriter Nyswaner (Philadelphia; Soldier's Girl) recounts his struggles in this searing memoir. After writing the Oscar-nominated Philadelphia, he was still tortured by emotional problems and turned to alcohol and drugs. As Nyswaner shuttles between Hollywood script meetings and caring for his ailing parents, his only source of pleasure is Johann, a cold-hearted male hustler who dominates him sexually and emotionally.
Bourbon Street Blues by Greg Herren ~ Other: Hardcover | Paperback
Clay's Way : A Novel by Blair Mastbaum ~ A gay teenager falls hard for a supecool surfer.
Damron Men's Travel Guide 2005 (Damron Men's Travel Guide) by Gina M. Gatta ~ More Damron Men's Travel Guide
Damron Women's Traveller 2005 (Damron Women's Traveller) by Gina M. Gatta, More Damron Women's Traveller

More Damron City Guide

Father's Day by PHILIP GALANES (Books) (Hardcover - May 18, 2004) Other: Hardcover | Paperback

Fratsex : Stories of Gay Sex in College Fraternities by Greg Herren

Gay Sex: A Manual for Men Who Love Men by Jack Hart
Gay Sex: A Manual for Men Who Love Men by Jack Hart
Jackson Square Jazz by Greg Herren ~ Other: Hardcover | Paperback

Just the Sex by Jesse Grant ~ Give us two minutes, and we'll get you off! Take that, CNN! Let's just skip the story and jump right to the juicy parts-these are the scorching, tawdry, torrid climaxes of the best erotic stories we have ever published

Keeping Mr. Right : The Gay Man's Guide to Lasting Relationships by Kenneth George ~ In his 2000 best-seller, Mr. Right Is Out There, Dr. Kenneth George helped countless gay men find long--lasting love. But now that they've found it, what do they do? In this comprehensive follow-up book, Dr. George offers, in the same warm and wise manner, guidelines for gay men on forming successful male couples.

Kristen Bjorn: Men of the World (Complete Program) by Kristen Bjorn (Books) (Hardcover - April 1, 2002) Other: Hardcover
Latter Days by C. Jay Cox
Latter Days : A Novel by C. Jay Cox (Author), T. Fabris ~ Combine a hunky, repressed Mormon missionary and an L.A. party boy, sensual sex and knowing humor, and the result is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

Latter Days (R-Rated Edition)DVD ~ Steve Sandvoss

Latter Days (Unrated Edition) DVD ~ Steve Sandvoss
Lucas Kazan: Taste of Italy (Complete Program) by Lucas Kazan (Books) (Hardcover - September 1, 2003)
Male Nude Now by DAVID LEDDICK (Books)
Men of Kristen Bjorn by Kristen Bjorn (Books) (Hardcover - March 1, 2003) Other: Hardcover
Mondo Homo : Your Essential Guide to Queer Pop Culture by Richard Andreoli (Paperback) It's a new world-you've got to keep up! Richard Andreoli, Dave Ciminelli, Smith Galtney, Aaron Krach, Drew Limsky, Christopher Lisotta, Parker Ray, and Dave White are eight writers whose combined work has encompassed a wide spectrum of cultural reportage: The New York Times, The Advocate, Instinct, Out, Cybersocket, Cargo, Time Out New York, Unzipped, Frontiers, and LA Weekly. Together they chart the new generation of popular icons and ideas in this wildly funny, irreverent book, which is a combination of essays, best-of lists, how-to advice, and recipes (yes, recipes) designed as a guided tour of the landscape of contemporary queer culture.
Mr. Right Is Out There: The Gay Man's Guide to Finding and Maintaining Love by Kenneth George ~ This practical and accessible guide to gay romance aims to help men surrender the "Prince Charming fantasy" and learn to find and attract Mr. Right.
My First Time: Gay Men Describe Their First Same-Sex Experience by Jack Hart
My First Time: Gay Men Describe Their First Same-sex Experience (My First Time) by Jack Hart
My First Time 2 by Jack Hart
My First Time, Volume 3 : Gay Men Describe Their First Same-Sex Experience (My First Time) by Jack Hart ~ More My First Time (Books)
Murder in the Rue Dauphine by Greg Herren

Murder in the Rue St. Ann : A Novel by Greg Herren ~ When sexy gay private eye Chanse MacLeod investigates the financial shenanigans of club promoter Mark Williams, he discovers that not only does Williams have ties to the New Orleans judiciary, he also has ties to Chanse's lover, Paul-a connection that reveals secrets about Paul's past that Chanse had never guessed and now wishes he didn't know. When Paul disappears, it seems his past has caught up with him in a terrifying way.

Skin & Ink : Gay Erotic Fiction by Jim Gladstone
Spartacus International Gay Guide, 2006Spartacus International Gay Guide, 2006 ~ Bruno Gmunder Verlag and Briand Bedford (Author) (Paperback - Mar 30, 2006)
Spartacus International Sauna GuideSpartacus International Sauna Guide ~ Bruno Gmunder (Author) (Paperback - Feb 2005) - Illustrated

Straight?: More True Stories of Unlikely Sexual Encounters Between Men by Jack Hart

Straight?: True Stories of Unexpected Sexual Encounters Between Men by Jack Hart ~ Other: Paperback
Ten Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Improve Their Lives by Joe Kort
The Blood of Kings : A Novel by John Michael Curlovich ~ The University of Pittsburgh campus is anything but quiet the summer Jamie, a hunky college sophomore, feeling brokenhearted after being dumped by his first boyfriend, decides to audit a summer class on Egyptology taught by the magnetic Dr. Danilo.
The Joy of Gay Sex : Fully revised and expanded third edition by Charles Silverstein (Books), Felice Picano (Books) ~ Other: Hardcover | Paperback
The Secret Lives of Married Men : Interviews With Gay Men Who Played It Straight by David Leddick
Tweakers : How Crystal Meth Is Ravaging Gay America by Frank Sanello ~ Drawing upon conversations with addicts as well as experts in the gay community and at drug treatment centers, journalist Frank Sanello examines how crystal-meth abuse is reaching epidemic levels among gay men, and how almost one-third of the new cases of HIV are caused by the decreased mental capacity associated with crystal. Tweakers get a quick, cheap high, an exhilarating loss of inhibition and increased stamina at the price of permanent behavioral changes, brain damage and death. Frank Sanello is a Los Angeles-based journalist whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe and the New York Times Syndicate. He is the author of Opium Wars, The Knights Templar and To Kill a King.

Ultimate Gay Erotica 2005 by Jesse Grant

Ultimate Gay Erotica, 2006 by Jesse Grant (Editor)
Ultimate Gay Erotica: 2007 (Ultimate Gay Erotica)Ultimate Gay Erotica: 2007 (Ultimate Gay Erotica) by Jesse Grant (Author) (Paperback - Jan 1, 2007) More Ultimate Gay Erotica (Book Subject)
Ultimate Gay Sex by Michael Thomas Ford (Books) (Hardcover - May 1, 2004) Other: Hardcover
Why You Should Give A Damn About Gay Marriage by Davina Kotulski ~ There are no less than 1049 federal rights granted to hetero-sexuals that remain out of reach to gays and lesbians as long as they don't have the right to marry. This quick and simple read outlines the rights, benefits and protections afforded through marriage, exploring the negative effects of not having these rights through case examples of real couples who have experienced hardships and composite vignettes illustrating how couples can be hurt by lacking access to these protections.

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