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Politics and the Presidency

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The President and the Presidency | Barack H. Obama | Michelle Obama | William Jefferson Clinton | Jimmy Carter | Hillary Rodham Clinton

By and About Hillary Rodham Clinton

My Life by Bill Clinton (Author) Other Editions: Hardcover (Large Print) Audio Cassette (Abridged) Audio CD (Abridged)
20th Century American Sculpture in the White House Garden by David Finn (Books), et al (Hardcover)
An Invitation To The White House : At Home With History by Hillary Rodham Clinton (Books) (Author) (Hardcover)
Big Sister Is Watching You: Hillary Clinton and the White House Feminists Who Now Control America--And Tell the President What to Do by Texe W. Marrs (Books) (Paperback)
Bill and Hillary: The Marriage by Christopher P. Andersen (Books) (Hardcover - August 1999)
Blood Sport: The President and His Adversaries by James B. Stewart (Books) (Paperback - April 1997)
Caring for Your Historic House by Charles E. Fisher (Books) (Editor), et al (Library Binding - October 1998)
Clinton Confidential: The Climb to Power: The Unauthorized Biography of Bill and Hillary Clinton by George Carpozi Jr. (Books) (Hardcover - April 1995)
Clinton Websites - Five Official Archived White House Websites from 1993 through 2001 - President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Speeches, Reports, Overseas Trips, Initiatives, Programs, Impeachment, Histories, more - Core Federal Information Series (Two CD-ROM Set) by Clinton Administration (Books) (CD-ROM)
Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids' Letters to the First Pets by Hillary Rodham Clinton (Books) (Hardcover - November 1998)
Fools for Scandal: How the Media Invented Whitewater by Gene Lyons (Books), Harper's Magazine (Books) (Contributor) (Paperback - September 1996)
Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton by Barbara Olson (Books) (Hardcover - November 1999)
Hillary Clinton, Trd (Pb) by Suzanne Levert (Books) (Author) (Paperback - April 1998)
Hillary Rodham Clinton: A First Lady for Our Time by Donnie Radcliffe (Books) (Hardcover - September 1993)
Hillary Rodham Clinton (Women of Achievement) by Richard Kozar (Books), Matina S. Horner (Books) (Library Binding - April 1998)
Hillary's Choice by Gail Sheehy (Books) (Paperback)
Hillary's Scheme: Inside the Next Clinton's Ruthless Agenda to Take the White House by Carl Limbacher (Books) (Hardcover - August 2003)

Check out

An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963 by Robert Dallek (Books) (Hardcover)
Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth by Joe Conason (Books) (Author) (Hardcover)
Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life by Queen Noor (Books) (Hardcover)
The Clinton Wars by Sidney Blumenthal (Books) (Author) (Hardcover)
The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk by Susan McDougal (Books), et al (Hardcover)
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Hillary's Turn: Inside Her Improbable, Victorious Senate Campaign by Michael Tomasky (Books) (Author) (Hardcover)
Living HistoryLiving History by Hillary Clinton (Books) (Author) (Hardcover) Editions: Audio Cassette (Abridged) | Audio CD (Abridged)
It Takes A Village by Hillary Clinton (Books) (Author) (Paperback - November 1996)
On the Road With Hillary: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Journey from Arkansas to the U.S. Senate by Patrick S. Halley (Books) (Hardcover - August 2002)
Partners in Power : The Clintons and Their America by Roger Morris (Books)
Saving America's Treasures by Dwight Young (Books) (Editor), et al (Hardcover)
She Took A Village by Alan Gottlieb (Books) (Paperback)
State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton by Jerry Oppenheimer (Books)
The Case Against Hillary Clinton by Peggy Noonan (Books) (Author) (Hardcover - March 2000)
The Clinton Record: Everything Bill and Hillary Want You to Forget by Kevin H. Watson (Books) (Paperback - June 1996)
The Clintons of Arkansas: An Introduction by Those Who Know Them Best by Ernest Dumas (Books) (Editor) (Paperback - April 1993)
The Final Days: The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House by Barbara Olson (Books) (Hardcover - December 2001)
The First Partner: Hillary Rodham Clinton by Joyce Milton (Books)
The Girls in the Van: Covering Hillary by Beth J. Harpaz (Books) (Hardcover - October 2001)
The Great Whitewater Fiasco: An American Tale of Money, Power, and Politics by Martin Louis Gross (Books)
The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in all the Wrong Places by Laura Ingraham (Books)
The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton by Joe Conason (Books), Gene Lyons (Books) (Paperback - January 2001)
The Living White House by Lonnelle Aikman (Books), et al (Hardcover - December 1996)
The Nonpatriotic President: A Survey of the Clinton Years by Janet Scott Barlow (Books) (Paperback)
The Seduction of Hillary Rodham by David Brock (Books)
The Unshredded Files of Hillary and Bill Clinton by Henry Beard (Books), John Boswell (Books) (Contributor)
We Remember: Women Born at the Turn of the Century Tell the Stories of Their Lives in Words and Pictures by Jeanne Marie Laskas (Books), et al (Hardcover - April 1999)
Whitewater: From the Editorial Pages of the Wall Street Journal (A Journal Briefing) by Robert L. Bartley (Books) (Editor) (Paperback - November 1994)
Witness to Genocide: The Children of Rwanda: Drawings by Child Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 by Richard A. Salem (Books) (Editor), Hillary Rodham Clinton (Books) (Paperback)

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