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Libros de Historia

Latino in AmericaLatino in America (Celebra Books) by Soledad O'Brien and Rose Marie Arce (Author) (Paperback - Oct 6, 2009) Other Editions: Kindle Edition ~ More Celebra Books

America's Musical Life: A HistoryAmerica's Musical Life: A History by Richard Crawford
Civilizacion y cultura de Espana (4th Edition) by Vincente Cantarino, Vicente Cantarino ~ This interpretative history of Spain -- in Spanish -- presents not only the basic political, social, economic, religious and cultural data that constitute the structure of Spanish history, but also singles out and explains... Read more
Cuba Y Su Cultura (Coleccion Cuba Y Sus Jueces) by Raul M. Shelton ~ A monumental work that sheds light on Cuban culture before Castro's revolution. Leaving politics to the side, this book concentrates on the Cuban economy, literature, arts and most importantly, society. A true masterpiece... Read more
Education Sector Strategy (Sector Strategy) by World Bank Human Development Network
El Cabello De Beethoven by Russell Martin ~ En 1827 algunas de las personas que rodeaban a Beethoven en su lecho de muerte guardaron mechones de su cabello pensando que su música sobreviviría al paso del tiempo, como en efecto ocurrió.... Read more
El Caso CEA: Intelectuales e Inquisidores en Cuba. ¿ Perestroika en la Isla ? by Maurizio Giuliano, et al
En el tiempo de las Mariposas by Julia Alvarez, Rolando Costa Picazo (Translator) ~ On a deserted mountain road in the Dominican Republic in 1960, three young women from a pious Catholic family were assassinated after visiting their husbands who had been jailed as suspected rebel leaders. The Mirabal... Read more
Espana y su civilizacion by Francisco Ugarte, et al
Francisco Goya y Lucientes : 1746-1828by Janis Tomlinson ~ This paperback edition of the award-winning study of the life and work of Goya is filled with the same fine reproductions as the original 1994 hardcover. Goya was one of Spain's greatest and most controversial painters,... Read more
Historia sinóptica de Mexico by Pazos Luis, Luis Pazos
  Huellas de las literaturas Hispanoamericanas (2nd Edition) Huellas de las literaturas Hispanoamericanas (2nd Edition) by John F. Garganigo, et al (Paperback) Editions: Hardcover | Paperback
La noche de Tlatelolco by Elena Poniastowska, Elena Poniatowska
Los Soldados Irlandeses de Mexico by Michael Hogan, Clever Alfonso Chavez Marin (Translator) ~ At long last--a book that treats the tragic story of the Irish soldiers who deserted to the enemy during the Mexican-American War as neither hagiographic soap opera (brave Catholic soldiers aiding an embattled Catholic... Read more
NTC's Dictionary of Mexican Cultural Code Words : The Complete Guide to Key Words That Express How the Mexicans Think, Communicate, and Behave by Boye Lafayette De Mente ~ NTC's Dictionary of Mexican Cultural Code Words explores the meanings of, and cultural context for, over 100 essential Mexican expressions, providing the reader with a map to the character and personality of the Mexican... Read more
Texto y vida: introducción la literatura hispanoamericana by Barbara Mujica
More Historia libros
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