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History > Americas > United States > Hurricane Katrina

The Five People You Meet in Hell: Surviving Katrina by Robert Smallwood (Paperback - February 17, 2006) A riveting first-person account of the events in New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina hit, and the anarchy and desperation of the aftermath. This book takes you inside the conversations and decisions made by those who stayed - especially the "five people" which includes comic actor Harry Anderson (from the series Night Court), Gennifer Flowers' ex-husband Finis, a salty 81 year-old sailor and others.
Restoration after Katrina amazing event to witness (First Person) : An article from: Mississippi Business Journal [HTML] by Becky Gillette (Digital - September 19, 2005)

Looking for oil in all the wrong places: post-Katrina, NRDC fights new attempts to resume drilling off our coasts (Natural Resources Defense Council) : An article from: OnEarth [HTML] (Digital - January 1, 2006)
MDWFP plays early role in state's Katrina response (A Mississippi Business Journal Q&A) (Interview) : An article from: Mississippi Business Journal [HTML] by Lynne Jeter (Digital - September 26, 2005)
Medical clinic provides needed services to Katrina survivors: Camp Coast Care part of Lutheran Episcopal Disaster Response's effort to help region recover. ... article from: Mississippi Business Journal [HTML] by Lynn Lofton (Digital - December 12, 2005)

Medical team members recall horrors in Katrina aftermath (Disasters) (The Oregon health workers witnessed endless suffering in the direst conditions) : An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) [HTML] (Digital - September 11, 2005)

Missing links: feds pursue better communication paths (Departments of Homeland Security, Justice and Treasury) : An article from: National Defense [HTML] by Stew Magnuson (Digital - January 1, 2006)

Mobilizing for a disaster (GUEST EDITORIAL) (Brief Article) : An article from: OB GYN News [HTML] by Preston 'Chip' Rich (Digital - December 1, 2005)

No rolling the dice with devastation: one Gulf Coast casino relates how it survived Hurricane Katrina, and how it intends to be there when Biloxi's back ... World) : An article from: Risk & Insurance [HTML] by Matthew Brodsky (Digital - October 15, 2005)

Pence on fire: the revolt of the small government Republicans. : An article from: The Weekly Standard [HTML] by Fred Barnes (Digital - October 3, 2005)

Post-Katrina, work can be the most fun people have all day. : An article from: Mississippi Business Journal [HTML] by Becky Gillette (Digital - October 31, 2005) Other Editions: Digital (HTML)
Realistic assessment of risk critical to recovery (As I See It) : An article from: Mississippi Business Journal [HTML] by Joe D. Jones (Digital - September 12, 2005)
Reeves offers financial 'state of the state' (reconstruction planning after Hurricane Katrina) : An article from: Mississippi Business Journal [HTML] by Lynne Jeter (Digital - October 10, 2005) Other Editions: Digital (HTML)

Saving a great city: why America should rebuild New Orleans. : An article from: The Weekly Standard [HTML] by James R. Stoner Jr. (Digital - September 26, 2005)

Stetelman sees challenges in wake of Hurricane Katrina (Executive Leadership) : An article from: Mississippi Business Journal [HTML] by Lynne Jeter (Digital - December 26, 2005)
Storm, stress, strength: recovery and rebuilding after hurricanes Katrina and Rita will take time and determination, but the NAHB is committed to the cause (FROM ... THE PRESIDENT) : An article from: Builder [HTML] by Dave Wilson (Digital - November 1, 2005)

Surviving Katrina, starting a new life (Hurricane Katrina, 2005) : An article from: New York Times Upfront [HTML] by Oliver Scher (Digital - January 9, 2006)

Temp firms, agencies placing Hurricane victims: vibrant job market here aiding those seeking work (Workplace) (Hurricane Katrina, 2005) : An article from: San Diego Business Journal [HTML] by Mike Allen (Digital - September 26, 2005)
The teleservices industry steps up for the Gulf Coast (OUTSOURCING) : An article from: Customer Interaction Solutions [HTML] by Tracey E. Schelmetic (Digital - October 1, 2005)
Time to adjust: claims adjusters find it's heavy slogging as they try to reach clients left stranded by Hurricane Katrina (Cover Story) : An article from: Risk & Insurance [HTML] by Matthew Brodsky (Digital - October 1, 2005)
Two duffel bags and an uncertain future (Disasters) (After evacuating to Florida with little but their dog, a New Orleans couple take refuge with their ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) [HTML] (Digital - September 5, 2005)

Weathering the storm (impact of Hurricane Katrina 2005 on economy) : An article from: Strategic Finance [HTML] by Alan Levinsohn (Digital - November 1, 2005)

Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster by Michael Eric Dyson (Hardcover - February 28, 2006) The first major book to be released about Hurricane Katrina, Dyson's volume not only chronicles what happened when, it also argues that the nation's failure to offer timely aid to Katrina's victims indicates deeper problems in race and class relations. Dyson's time lines will surely be disputed, his indictments of specific New Orleans failures defended or whitewashed. But these points are secondary. More important are the larger questions Dyson (Between God and Gangsta Rap, etc.) poses, such as "What do politicians sold on the idea of limited governance offer to folk who need, and deserve, the government to come to their aid?" "Does George Bush care about black people?" and "Do well-off black people care about poor black people?" With its abundance of buzz-worthy coinages, like "Aframnesia" and "Afristocracy," Dyson's populist style sometimes gets too cute. But his contention that Katrina exposed a dominant culture pervaded not only by "active malice" toward poor blacks but also by a long history of "passive indifference" to their problems is both powerful and unsettling. Through this history of neglect, Dyson suggests, America has broken its social contract with poor blacks who, since Emancipation, have assumed that government will protect all its citizens. Yet when disaster struck the poor, the cavalry arrived four days late.
Eyes of the Storm: Hurricane Katrina and Rita The Photographic Story by Dallas Morning News (Paperback - January 25, 2006) The Dallas Morning News had more staff photographers on the scene when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast at the end of August. These Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers caught every aspect of the storm and its aftermath on film and many of those photos will be seen for the first time in this excellent work of photojournalism.
Hurricane Katrina : CNN Reports: State of Emergency by Ivor Van Heerden (Introduction) (Paperback - October 1, 2005) CNN covered Katrina with the depth and breadth unmatched by any other news organization. Follow their coverage with this chronicle of the events leading up to and the aftermath of the century’s most devastating natural disaster.
Hurricane Katrina: Devastation on the Gulf Coast (Lucent Overview Series) by Debra A. Miller (Library Binding - March 31, 2006)
Hurricane Katrina (At Issue Series) by William Dudley (Paperback - March 13, 2006) Other Editions: Library Binding | Paperback
Hurricane Katrina Strikes the Gulf Coast: Disaster & Survival (Deadly Disasters) by Mara Miller (Library Binding - May 30, 2006)

Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America by John M. Barry (Paperback - April 2, 1998) Other Editions: Hardcover | Paperback | Audio Cassette (Abridged) | Audio CD (Abridged)

The Eight Days of Katrina (The advisories and Discussions by the National Weather Service concerning Hurricane Katrina) [UNABRIDGED] by Bryan Ibasfalean (Author), NOAA (Illustrator) (Spiral-bound - 2005)
The Great Deluge : Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast by Douglas Brinkley (Hardcover - May 1, 2006) Historian Brinkley (Tour of Duty, etc.) opens his detailed examination of the awful events that took place on the Gulf Coast late last summer by describing how a New Orleans animal shelter began evacuating its charges at the first notice of the impending storm. The Louisiana SPCA, Brinkley none too coyly points out, was better prepared for Katrina than the city of New Orleans. It's groups like the SPCA, as well as compassionate citizens who used their own resources to help others, whom Brinkley hails as heroes in his heavy, powerful account" and, unsurprisingly, authorities like Mayor Ray Nagin, Gov. Kathleen Blanco and former FEMA director Michael C. Brown whom he lambastes most fiercely. The book covers August 27 through September 3, 2005, and uses multiple narrative threads, an effect that is disorienting but appropriate for a book chronicling the helter-skelter environment of much of New Orleans once the storm had passed, the levees had been breached, and the city was awash in "toxic gumbo." Naturally outraged at the damage wrought by the storm and worsened by the ill-prepared authorities, Brinkley, a New Orleans resident, is generally levelheaded, even when reporting on Brown's shallow e-mails to friends while "the trapped were dying" or recounting heretofore unreported atrocities, such as looters defecating on property as a mark of empowerment.
The Great Deluge CD : Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast by Douglas Brinkley, Brewer Kyf (Narrator) (Audio CD - June 1, 2006)
The Storm : What Went Wrong and Why During Hurricane Katrina--the Inside Story from One Louisiana Scientist by Ivor Van Heerden, Mike Bryan (Hardcover - May 18, 2006) It was a natural disaster—but magnified enormously by government’s crushing incompetence in both preparation and response. The storm leveled the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but man-made problems destroyed New Orleans. The catastrophic flooding there should never have happened. Properly designed and constructed levees would have protected the city. Instead, they collapsed. Never in American history has a natural disaster been magnified so disastrously by the systemic failure of our government to protect and serve the people. The result is the national tragedy known forevermore as simply Katrina.
The Wrath of Hurricane Katrina: One of America's Worst Natural Disasters by Robert D. Shangle (Editor) (Paperback - September 30, 2005)
Through the Eye of the Storm: A Book Dedicated to Rebuilding What Katrina Washed Away by Cholene Espinoza (Paperback - May 2006) Through the Eye of the Storm is a rallying cry for working Americans and an indictment of the public and commercial sources of assistance that have failed them. Espinoza details the seemingly insurmountable red tape, systemic barriers, and inequities in disaster assistance for people who have no means to complain or demand better. Common stereotypes about race, religion, poverty, government assistance, single parenthood—even our notions of charity—are challenged when seen Through the Eye of the Storm . This is a story of loss and recovery, of the ravages of disaster and the healing power of community.
Time: Hurricane Katrina : The Storm That Changed America by Editors of Time Magazine (Hardcover - November 15, 2005)
Time To Run; The Katrina Saga by Yahki I. Bailey (Paperback - March 1, 2006)
Winds of Hope: A 31-Day Journey of Encouragement by Rebecca J. Hughes (Author), Carol Pierce (Editor), Christy E. Sallee (Photographer), Dr. Rhonda H. Kelley (Foreword) (Paperback - 2006)
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A financial tangle (BEHIND the NEWS) : An article from: University Business [HTML] by Caryn Meyers Fliegler (Digital - October 1, 2005)
After Katrina, New Orleans slowly rebuilds coffee industry: a brief look at the efforts being taken to get New Orleans coffee businesses back on track. ... An article from: Tea & Coffee Trade Journal [HTML] by Larry Luxner (Digital - February 20, 2006)
APA's response to the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. : An article from: Planning [HTML] by David M. Siegel, W. Paul Farmer (Digital - October 1, 2005)
Auto-mobility: subsidizing America's commute would reward work, boost the economy, and transform lives. : An article from: Washington Monthly [HTML] by Margy Waller (Digital - October 1, 2005)
Black sisters count losses, tally blessings, look to start over (HURRICANE KATRINA) : An article from: National Catholic Reporter [HTML] by Patricia Lefevere (Digital - September 16, 2005)
Cajun tribute (Food) (Restaurants help hurricane victims while celebrating the flavors of Louisiana) : An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) [HTML] (Digital - September 28, 2005)

Coast struggles to cope with loss of thousands of businesses, jobs. : An article from: Mississippi Business Journal [HTML] by Becky Gillette (Digital - September 12, 2005) Digital (HTML)

Court acts to aid attorneys displaced by Katrina's fury; Florida's legal community musters storm relief efforts. : An article from: Florida Bar News [HTML] (Digital - October 1, 2005)

Despite, hurdles, gaming outlook surprising rosy; closures will cost about $62 million in lost tax revenue by December 31 (Focus) : An article from: Mississippi Business Journal [HTML] by Lynne Jeter (Digital - December 19, 2005)

DONORS BOLSTER DISASTER VICTIM (Disasters) (His belongings washed away by a hurricane, Marc Fail is now awash in good will) : An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) [HTML] (Digital - November 17, 2005)
Dual disasters: dealing with the aftermath: four years after 9/11 and just months after Hurricane Katrina, the United States faces anxiety, despair, and ... of the American Psychotherapy Association [HTML] by Monty N. Weinstein (Digital - December 22, 2005)
Emergency! ... according to plan: disaster--small or large--are going to happen whether you're ready or not (Emergency preparedness) : An article from: Club Management [HTML] (Digital - October 1, 2005)
Houma tribe hammered by hurricanes. : An article from: Wind Speaker [HTML] by Heather Andrews Miller (Digital - October 1, 2005)

Hurricane Katrina's devastation includes transplant candidates, dialysis, medical community. : An article from: Transplant News [HTML] by Jim Warren (Digital - September 16, 2005)

IRS responds to natural disasters. : An article from: The Tax Adviser [HTML] by Rosemary Ervin (Digital - December 1, 2005)
Katrina adds to shortage of barges river shipping becomes more complicated in wake of hurricane (Cover Story) : An article from: Arkansas Business [HTML] by George Waldon (Digital - September 19, 2005)

`Katrina orphans' at UO will go home (Higher Education) (Decision to return isn't easy for some who came here from New Orleans) : An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) [HTML] (Digital - December 19, 2005)

Katrina survivors sort through mix of emotions (Clinical Rounds) : An article from: OB GYN News [HTML] by Joyce Frieden (Digital - November 1, 2005)
Katrina's lesson (editorial) (Editorial) : An article from: Nursing Homes [HTML] by Richard L. Peck (Digital - November 1, 2005)

Hurricane alters fall agenda on the Hill; dozens of bills introduced. : An article from: Trial [HTML] (Digital - December 1, 2005)

Images of lively city endure (Disasters) (With floodwaters separating an artist from her home, local family members find a way to help) : An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) [HTML] (Digital - September 9, 2005)

Lost in the flood (Editorials) (Katrina ravages New Orleans and Gulf Coast) (Editorial) : An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) [HTML] (Digital - September 1, 2005)
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