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The Oprah Magazine

Oprah's Book Club®

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Oprah's Book Club™ Selections for 1999

December 1999

A Map of the World by Jane Hamilton ~ In this superb 1994 novel, a toddler's accidental drowning shatters a quiet Midwestern community--and saddles Hamilton's heroine with a series of truly biblical tribulations.

November 1999

Vinegar Hill by A. Manette Ansay ~ Set in a Wisconsin hamlet, Vinegar Hill explores the mysteries of small-town life, the deep scars of familial cruelty, and one woman's tenacious struggle for redemption. ~ Other books by A. Manette Ansay

October 1999

River, Cross My Heart by Breena Clarke ~ River, Cross My Heart is set in the African American community of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., circa 1925. Clarke's debut is a superb piece of storytelling--and a powerful meditation on tragedy and redemption.

September 1999

Tara Road by Maeve Binchy ~ Maeve Binchy's Tara Road is a deeply satisfying big-canvas novel that revolves around two newlyweds who buy a Victorian fixer-upper on a shabby Dublin street--and are surprised to see how their new digs transform the entire neighborhood.

June 1999

Mother of Pearl by Melinda Haynes ~ Mother of Pearl, the moving debut novel by Melinda Haynes, is a deep-focus portrait of a tiny Mississippi town, circa 1956. In musical, memorable prose, Haynes animates an entire community--and shares more than a few of its secrets with the reader.

May 1999

White Oleander by Janet Fitch ~ White Oleander is the stunning debut novel by Janet Fitch about a teenage girl's search for her identity. With her headstrong mother serving a life sentence in prison, Astrid Magnussen must learn to survive on her own, and this story brilliantly traces her journey from the streets through a series of foster homes and ultimately to a greater understanding of life. Hardcover - 390 pages (May 6, 1999) Little Brown & Company; Other Editions: Paperback, Audio Cassette (Abridged), Large Print

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April 1999

The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve ~ When a plane piloted by her husband crashes off the coast of Ireland, Kathryn Lyons's life goes into a tailspin. Her grief turns to shock, however, when she begins hunting for clues about the cause of the disaster and discovers that her husband was not the man she knew, in Anita Shreve's gripping novel, The Pilot's Wife. Paperback - 293 pages (March 31, 1999) Little Brown & Co; Other Editions: Hardcover, Audio Cassette (Abridged), Audio Cassette (Unabridged), Large Print; Other books by Anita Shreve: The Weight of Water

March 1999
The Reader by Bernhard Schlink, Carol Brown Janeway (Translator) (Paperback - March 1999) Editions: Hardcover | Paperback | Audio Cassette (Abridged) | Paperback (Large Print) | Digital (Microsoft Reader) | Digital (Adobe Reader) Oprah Book Club® Selection, February 1999: Originally published in Switzerland, and gracefully translated into English by Carol Brown Janeway, The Readeris a brief tale about sex, love, reading, and shame in postwar Germany. Michael Berg is 15 when he begins a long, obsessive affair with Hanna, an enigmatic older woman. He never learns very much about her, and when she disappears one day, he expects never to see her again. But, to his horror, he does. Hanna is a defendant in a trial related to Germany's Nazi past, and it soon becomes clear that she is guilty of an unspeakable crime. As Michael follows the trial, he struggles with an overwhelming question: What should his generation do with its knowledge of the Holocaust? "We should not believe we can comprehend the incomprehensible, we may not compare the incomparable.... Should we only fall silent in revulsion, shame, and guilt? To what purpose?"
February 1999

Jewel by Bret Lott ~ This baby you be carrying be yo' hardship, be yo' test in this world. Pregnant with her sixth and last child, Jewel Hilburn discounts a childhood friend's dire prophecy. But when Brenda Kay is born with Down syndrome, the Hilburn family discovers that this special child is both a challenge and a joy, in Bret Lott's Jewel, an extraordinary novel of family love. Paperback - 358 pages (January 19, 1999) Other Editions: Hardcover, Audio Cassette (Abridged)

January 1999

Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts ~ Seventeen years old, seven months pregnant, 37 pounds overweight--Novalee Nation, the protagonist of Billie Letts's novel Where the Heart Is, has never had much luck with the number seven. But when her boyfriend abandons her in the parking lot of an Oklahoma Wal-Mart, Novalee's luck begins to change as she discovers that friends, family, and a future are always where the heart is.

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