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Always Standing byAlways Standing by by J. Burnett Smith (Author) (Paperback - Dec 2000) Sheriff Brad Hastings, an ex-rodeo cowboy on leave from his job, is trying to keep his father out of prison, keep his friends from being murdered and trap the person or persons responsible.
The Black Messiah Murders: A Sam Cohen Case Adventure, Number 1The Black Messiah Murders: A Sam Cohen Case Adventure, Number 1 by Shelly Waxman and James Nathan Post J. D. (Author) (Hardcover - Jul 2003) The fictionalized story of the murder of the Chicago Black Panther Leader, Fred Hampton, by the FBI in 1969. More Sam Cohen Case Adventure.
Bleeding Daylight by Brian Gibson (Author) ~ Joseph Zimolzak, a professor at York University, stumbles across the body of a girl in a co-ed washroom and is plunged into a dark world of suicide, rape, and paranoia. On a campus gripped by fear, by Joseph may be able to stop the killings before time runs out...
But What About the ChildrenBut What About the Children by Lee Boger (Author) (Paperback - Jul 31, 2005) Many parents give their children every opportunity to excel, yet are struggling to raise their children to love God. Besides going to church, families have lost how to engage God in their everyday life. 'But What About the Children?' reveals a dream in God's heart that goes beyond food, clothing and shelter, beyond sports, video games and school, even beyond the traditional bedtime prayer and a once a- week Sunday school class. It tells the story of how God dreams of seeing His people raise spiritual children from their own vibrant, life changing walk with Him.
Dance with Your Heart: Tales and Poems That the Heart TellsDance with Your Heart: Tales and Poems That the Heart Tells by Shirley Cheng (Author) (Paperback - Feb 16, 2005) This collection of inspirational and fantasy short stories and poems, filled with lessons and magic, allows the reader to discover and visit worlds never before visited. The poems range from thought-provoking to inspirational; their language is simple yet lyrical, and they are written with sincerity, clarity, and that rarest commodity: wisdom.
Daring Quests of MysticsDaring Quests of Mystics by Shirley Cheng (Author) (Paperback - Jan 6, 2006) On Princess Sophia's seventeenth birthday, an oracle, Dawn: warns her, "Terror and adventure you shall face on your wedding day." Dawn then bestows two magical gifts upon her. Her world is turned upside down as she is forced to conquer daring and dangerous quests on her path to becoming a woman.
The Deadly Tools of IgnoranceThe Deadly Tools of Ignorance: A Debs Kafka Mystery by Robert Elias (Author) (Hardcover - May 25, 2005) For a literate, worldly Renaissance man at San Francisco's Fairmount University, Debs Kafka sure has a lot of problems. His relationship with his intoxicating girlfriend is on the skids. His department chair, a Catholic priest, has just been murdered. And he can't stop thinking about baseball.
The Enigma of Njama by Anthony D. Wilbon (Paperback - July 31, 2005) More: Paperback ~ When Professor Montgomery Quinn hears the word and sees the cryptic hourglass figure he cannot imagine how they are connected to the tragic accident that has left his best friend lying in a coma- until he discovers that the deadly secret that nearly took his friend's life is now in his possession. And there are forces at work that will do anything to see their secret preserved.
The Evolution of Belief in the Afterlife in the Old TestamentThe Evolution of Belief in the Afterlife in the Old Testament by Edward J. Hahnenberg (Author) (Paperback - Jun 30, 2005) several Jewish scriptures speak of a dismal place called Sheol, a land of shadows. Yet this carefully researched work makes the case that there was also a parallel message, in the Psalms and other works, that there would be an eternal existence with Yahweh in a place of peace and joy.
Fierce ConsentFierce Consent by Catherine Rankovic (Author) (Paperback - Jul 26, 2005) Presenting- the first book of "chick" poetry. These are wry, angry, funny poems, in the voice of a female outsider clawing her way through the modern world. She may feel lonely, lusty, or catty, or hate her job, but she is never too shy to tell you all about it or say exactly what she thinks. Fierce Consent is a book of well-crafted, high-energy poems by a Prizewinning poet and essayist.
Growing Up OldGrowing Up Old by Rey Garcia (Author) (Paperback - April 29, 2005) The humorous and moving story of the boy child growing up in a retirement village. It'll give you a whole new outlook on being old.
If at First (Brad Hastings Series)If at First (Brad Hastings Series) by J. Burnett Smith (Author) (Paperback - Jan 2001) Sheriff Brad Hastings, on leave from his job in New Mexico, has double-duty at the rodeo in Bear Claw, Colorado: Keeping his father, Doug, out of trouble and avoiding the danger from two inept gangster "wannabes" who are trying to kill them both. More Brad Hastings Series.
The Magic Life - A Novel PhilosophyThe Magic Life - A Novel Philosophy by Ace Starry (Author) (Hardcover - Oct 1, 1998) An ordinary young man meets a magician at a street fair and learns far more about life, love and the illusion of death than he ever dreamed possible. An intriguing metaphysical mystery and philosophy, a page-turner teeming with insights revealing the path to happiness through taking risks and following dreams.
My Silver LiningMy Silver Lining by Donna Petranto (Author) (Paperback - Mar 16, 2004) Kristen is your typical naïve boy-crazy teenager who lives with her head in the clouds. She dreams of having a perfect life and perfect friends. One day she awakens to a reality that's not quite what she expected. Now she must stand alone until her silver lining is finally revealed.
Overlooked books ~ Featuring the works of WingSpan Press and BookShelf Press plus books by selected affiliate authors.
Political AstrologyPolitical Astrology by Michael O'Reilly (Author) (Paperback - Jul 31, 2005) O'Reilly demonstrates the validity of the Scorpio Rising U.S. national horoscope and shows how to use it to explain historical occurrences and predict future trends. Also includes asteroid studies and an anthology of NewsScope articles.
The Revelation of a Star's Endless Shine: A Young Woman's Autobiography of a 20-Year Tale of Trials & TribulationsThe Revelation of a Star's Endless Shine: A Young Woman's Autobiography of a 20-Year Tale of Trials & Tribulations by Shirley Cheng (Author) (Paperback - Feb 16, 2005) It unveils the gripping tale of child prodigy Shirley Cheng, a blind and physically disabled victim and survivor of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and falsehood in American medical system. Enter a world of terrors, struggles, dreams, and triumphs, including the 1990 international news of her mother's victory over injustice in her custody case.
Rising Up Again And AgainRising Up Again And Again by Horst Schneider (Author) (Paperback - Jul 31, 2005) The true and uplifting story of a can-do couple, where love, determination and especially humor triumph over life's obstacles.
Sailing with StrangersSailing with Strangers by Charley Hester (Author) (Paperback - Jun 23, 2005) This is the adventure of Sea Wolf III and her crew, riding the waves of emotion from extreme exhilaration to fear and despair, surviving equipment failures, serious interpersonal conflicts, and the dangers of the open ocean, including a near-tragedy rounding Cape Horn.
Sales: America's Other National PastimeSales: America's Other National Pastime: What Baseball Can Teach Us About Selling by Dan L. Schoepf (Author) (Paperback - Oct 2004) What can baseball teach us about sales? A lot more than you'd think. Dan Schoepf's fast-selling new book uses anecdotes about the great players, and the lessons of professional baseball to help you become a home-run hitter in sales.
Sneak TeachingSneak Teaching by Grant Pylkas (Author) (Paperback - Jul 7, 2005) Two young stoners find themselves caught up in events that they can't control in this story of drugs, high school and the effect teachers can have on their students.
Surya YogaSurya Yoga : A Practical Yoga Training Guide for Mind and Body Health by Jai Kairupan (Author) (Paperback - Jul 22, 2005) Surya Yoga is a revolutionary yoga practice that will not by tone, stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body, but will also give you mind balance and harmony.
Taking the Bully by the Horns - Children's Version of the Best Selling Book, "Nasty People"Taking the Bully by the Horns - Children's Version of the Best Selling Book, "Nasty People" by Jay Carter, Kathy Noll, and Flora Cusimano (Author) (Paperback - Dec 31, 1998) Other Editions: Paperback ~ Self-help book for educators/parents of students/kids ages 8 - 15 shows how to handle a bully without becoming one. Learn why a bully becomes a bully and what to do about it while maintaining a healthy self-esteem. Offers help for both the victim and bully.
The Thirteenth BookThe Thirteenth Book by K Weller Vann (Author) (Paperback - April 11, 2005) Strange things are happening to people who read Arthur Trent's new book. Disease, destruction, death. And now Arthur's dead. Can Private Investigator Franklin Barnes track down the source of this evil before it's too late? He'll find the answers in The Thirteenth Book.
Timberlane DaveTimberlane Dave by David C. Webb (Author) (Paperback - Jul 30, 2005) If you ever wished you could pull-a-Day from your childhood, for the purity found there, of going for broke and stepping out into the day with no holds barred, then you are in for one hellacious ride with Timerlane Dave.
Under the Bridge and Back Again: The Winthorpe MysteriesUnder the Bridge and Back Again: The Winthorpe Mysteries by Mike Bradford (Author) (Paperback - Dec 2003) You are about to enter the puzzling world of Davis and Kitty Winthorpe. In this world nothing is as it seems. Here one can find romance, but the driving forces are skulduggery, tomfoolery, and bloody murder.
A Meditation On The Sacred Journey Of BirthA Meditation On The Sacred Journey Of Birth by Marie Beauchemin (Author) (Paperback - Oct 31, 2004) In A Meditation On The Sacred Journey Of Birth, we “drop into the center of ourselves”, into a larger, spiritual view of women. With reverence and respect, wisdom and intuition speak of childbirth as the first of many ‘births’.
Who Are You by Bil Sullivan (Author) (Paperback - Sep 2003) Other Editions: Hardcover ~ To counter a powerful faith-healing ministry built on White prejudice, God ("The One") returns Jesus ("The Son") to the world as a black man, but he develops amnesia. The Son then attends one of the ministry's crusades with hope that its charismatic ...
WingbeatWingbeat by Marilyn Meredith (Author) (Mass Market Paperback - Feb 1, 2004) The wingbeat of an owl is the harbinger of danger as Deputy Tempe Crabtree is confronted by suspicious newcomers, a hidden marijuana farm, a false accusation, a grandfather's heartache, and murder.
Won't Get Fooled AgainWon't Get Fooled Again by Colette Shaw (Author) (Paperback - Aug 9, 2005) It's always the quiet ones who hide the biggest secrets... Colette Shaw unfolds a tale of relentless suspense and clever insight.
Your Safari Dragons: In Search of the Real Komodo DragonYour Safari Dragons: In Search of the Real Komodo Dragon by Daniel White and Julia Flossie Truscott (Author) (Paperback - April 30, 2005) Track through the jungle in search of dragons and look out for pirates. Meet the people of Komodo Village and finally help protect the Komodo dragon

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