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MP3 Gateway

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CD Writers and Accessories

Case Logic CD-ROM Storage Sleeves
Creative Labs MK4214 CD-RW Blaster 8432
Plextor 8x4x32 CD-RW Internal Drive by Plextor
Fellowes NEATO CD/DVD Labels (40-Lables)
Memorex CD-R Music 74-minute (10-Pack)
Memorex White CD Labels (100-Pack)

Playing MP3 (Popular Books)

I Want My MP3!: How to Download, Rip, & Play Digital Music by Bill Mann
If you're a Napsterholic and fancy yourself as an MP3 expert, get an advanced degree with Bill Mann's informative book, I Want My MP3! He offers a very complete guide to MP3 audio and the communities that have grown up around it, as well as details of both major and minor MP3 players, play list managers, rippers, and encoders.
Beyond the Charts
MP3 For Dummies
MP3: The Definitive Guide
The MP3 and Internet Audio Handbook
I Want My MP3!

You might already be using the demo versions, but take a look at these MP3 software players for your desktop PC that are definitely worth their price.

MP3 software
Cakewalk Pyro by Cakewalk ~ Pyro provides a complete system for recording, playing, and organizing your favorite digital music. Burn CDs, make MP3s, or turn your PC into a customized jukebox. Start "ripping" songs from your CDs, LPs, and cassettes and turning them into MP3 or WAV files. From there, it's easy to listen to your music on your PC, export to portable MP3 players like RIO and NOMAD, or make a custom CD. Need help? FastForward Tutorials are there for you when you need them. 
Get your MP3 motor running with the Free Downloads section of the Music store. Filled with thousands of downloads from major-label and independent artists, the Free Downloads section offers MP3 tracks you won't find anywhere else. Visit the Free Downloads section at Amazon
Apple iPod by Apple ComputerApple iPod by Apple Computer ~ Apple iPod is the best music player a Mac owner can buy. Small and fast, with high capacity, superb controls, and a sleek appearance, the iPod combines the best features of a Mac with the best features in Mac OS. Features: Portable digital audio player with 5 GB of built-in storage; Plays MP3, MP3 Variable Bit Rate (VBR), WAV, and AIFF files; FireWire interface; Compatible with Mac OS 9.2.1 (or later) or Mac OS X v10.1 (or later) ~ Easter Egg: For a special treat, navigate on the main menu to About, then hold down the center select button for a few seconds. Enjoy the game, which is also a tribute to Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Apple iPod Headphones & Headsets

Philips HP615 Full-Size StereophonePhilips HP615 Full-Size Stereophone
Aiwa HP-JS30S Stereo Headphones With In-Line Volume Control (Swoops Style, Silver)Aiwa HP-JS30S Stereo Headphones With In-Line Volume Control (Swoops Style, Silver)
Featured for the PC:
Philips EXP103 Expanium Portable MP3-CD Player. Plays MP3-encoded CDs as well as audio CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. Shockproof Magic ESP (up to 100 seconds of MP3 shock protection, 45 seconds for standard CDs). Playback of all common MP3 bit rates and variable bit rates per track (320 Kbps maximum). Up to 10 hours of playback on 2 AA batteries. Headphones, car kit, and AC/DC adapter included.

MP3 Players

32-Megabyte & Under
64-Megabyte & Under
96-Megabyte & Over
Philips EXP103 Expanium Portable MP3-CD Player
SONICBlue MP3 Players

Digital Audio Tools

Books on MP3s
MP3 & CD Burning Software
CD-RW Drives
CD-R & CD-RW Media
Sound Cards
MP3 Guides
MP3 hardware buying guide
Making MP3s guide
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