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Portable Electronics
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Portable Electronics

Digital Audio Devices
MP3 Players
Archos 6 GB Jukebox 6000 by Archos, Inc. Imagine being able to take your entire music collection with you everywhere you go. The Archos Jukebox 6000 portable MP3 player makes that dream real in a surprisingly small package and at a surprisingly low price. With its 6 GB hard drive, the Jukebox 6000 can store over 100 albums and offers the tools you need to easily navigate and manage your tunes. Read more
Philips EXP103 Expanium Portable MP3-CD Player With 45-Second Anti-Skip And Car Kit by Philips. Philips' EXP103 Expanium portable MP3-CD player was one of the first of a new breed of compact disc players capable of playing not only CD, CD-R, and CD-RW, but also MP3-encoded CDs burned on your home computer--a feature that lets you carry more than 10 hours of music on a single disc (depending on the bit rate of your MP3 tracks). Any of a number of shareware programs will let you convert (or "rip") your entire Pink Floyd collection, say--or Beethoven's nine symphonies--for clutter-free listening on a vacation or business trip. The Expanium offers better-than-average sound quality, and its antishock system is virtually infallible, even when playing MP3 discs (many players offer no shock protection for MP3s). The Expanium supports all common MP3 playback bit rates, and its heat-resistant body makes it perfect for daytime car listening. A car kit facilitates hookup to your car's cassette deck. See all MP3-CD players
Samsung YP-20T 32 MB Mini-Yepp MP3 Player. Samsung's tiny, wearable Mini-Yepp is the world's smallest full-featured digital player. It comes with 32 MB of built-in flash memory and features an LCD display that shows music information and current date and time. The Mini-Yepp has superb sound, with a four-preset graphic equalizer and a powerful bass boost system that can enhance any musical style. It's compatible with PCs running Windows 98, 2000, or Me as well as Macs running OS 8.6 and above. Read more
Portable CD-RW Drives
Iomega 31361 Predator 8x4x32 External CD-RW for Firewire by Iomega
Sony Digital Relay CRX10U-A2 4x4x6 External USB CD-RW Drive
Archos 4x4x24 USB MiniCDRW for Mac
CDR Accessories
Allsop CD Scratch Repair Kit
DiscRestore 3680 DiscRx Pro Series II
Memorex CD-R 74 4x Minute (50-Spindle)
More Digital audio
Digital audio is everywhere these days, from portable players to receivers that stream Internet radio from your computer to your stereo system. Check out our assortment of MP3 players, which vary in memory size and expandability. Create your own home digital audio studio with a CD burner, PC sound card, and audio software--then transport your tunes using a portable MP3-CD player. Visit the Digital Audio Store at Amazon today.
Geared Up with the Outdoor Store
Two-Way Radio Pairs
Cobra FRS110 2-Way Radio Pair with Batteries & Charger. Take these compact and powerful Family Radio Service radios hiking, camping, or out on the town for easy communication. This twin pack of radios features up to 2-mile range with 500 milliwatts of output power. Front-panel push buttons give you easy access to all 14 channels, and the call alert... Read More
Motorola TalkAbout T5100 (AA) Midnight Blue 2-Way Radio (Pair)
Uniden FRS4202 Eco Trek2 Series 2-Way Radio (Pair)by Uniden. The palm-size Uniden 4202 Eco TrekČ two-way radio will allow you to keep in touch with friends and family for up to two miles. These two sporty white-and-blue Family Radio Service radios will always give you the best privacy, thanks to 14 channels and 38 privacy codes. Eco TrekČ 4202... Read more
See all featured two-way radio pairs at Amazon
Other Two-Way Radios

Free Shipping on Magellan GPS Receivers

For a limited time, enjoy free shipping on GPS receivers from Magellan, from the affordable Magellan 310 to the Magellan 330M--designed specifically for marine use--to GPS Companion modules for Handspring Visor and Palm V series handhelds.
Magellan 330M Marine GPS
Magellan GPS 315X with Datasend CDROM, PC Cable, & Carry Case. Affordable and easy to use, the Magellan GPS 315x is the ultimate outdoor guide. With the included DataSend CD-ROM, you can transfer points of interest such as museums, campgrounds, and more from your PC to the 315x. It also comes bundled with a PC cable and carrying case. And for a limited time, you'll get free standard shipping.
See all Magellan GPS devices at Amazon
GPS Accessories
Maximize your GPS device with additional memory, add a power cable, or find a stylish case. We've got great accessories for Garmin, Magellan, and Brunton GPS receivers. See all featured GPS accessories
Brunton MNSCIG Cigarette Adapter
Garmin 8MB Memory Cartridge
Magellan Leather Carrying Case
Visit our new Outdoor Store and get geared up for your next big hike or camping expedition. We have GPS receivers to keep you from straying too far and two-way FRS radios to keep you in contact with your fellow adventurers. You'll also find our wide selection of binoculars, film and digital cameras, and portable audio options, including MP3 players. Visit the Outdoor Store at Amazon today
Filled with thousands of downloads from major-label and independent artists, the Free Downloads section offers MP3 tracks you won't find anywhere else. Visit the Free Downloads section at Amazon

Other Accessories

Energizer E91BP-4 AA Batteries (4-Pack)
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