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ReplayTV & TiVo (Television Servers)
Home Theater [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]  These digital set-top boxes, also known as television servers, allow you to record programs from your TV directly to a hard disk, so there's no need for tapes. Using a sophisticated, on-screen program guide, the servers find and record the shows you're interested in so you can watch them whenever you want. You can also pause, rewind, and replay live TV.


Panasonic PV-HS2000 Showstopper byPanasonic. Click here to view and print the manufacturer's rebate coupon. Panasonic's PV-HS2000 Showstopper allows you to store up to 30 hours of TV programming, eliminating the need for videotapes. The PV-HS2000 incorporates Replay's TV server technology and free onscreen program guide. The ShowStopper offers an assortment of special features, and comes with an instructional video, prerecorded on the hard drive, that explains how to search for and record shows, pause live TV, and manage space on the hard drive.
Panasonic PV-HS1000 ShowstopperbyPanasonic. Click here to view and print the manufacturer's rebate coupon.
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Monster Cable MVSV2-1M Monster Super Video 2 High Resolution S-Video Cable (3.28 ft.) by Monster Cable. Although TiVo, ShowStopper, and ReplayTV supply generic S-video cables with their television servers, you should consider upgrading your system with Monster Cable's Super Video 2. This S-video cable offers a heavy-duty Duraflex jacket and gold-plated connectors, and it comes in 1-, 2-, 4-, and 6-meter lengths.
Complete Idiot's Guide to Home Theater Systems by Michael Miller


Philips HDR612 TiVo 60 Hour Personal TV Recorder byPhilips
Philips DSR6000 DIRECTV Receiver with TiVo Service byPhilips
Philips HDR212 TiVo 20 Hour Personal TV Recorder byPhilips
Philips HDR312 TiVo Personal Video Recorder byPhilips
Sony SVR-2000 Personal Digital Video Recorderby Sony. Features: Play, pause, fast-forward, or rewind "live" television broadcasts as you're watching them. 30 hours' recording time; uses the TiVo hard-disk recorder platform. Designed to work with standard-definition terrestrial broadcasts as well as with digital satellite systems and cable programming services. TiVo service offers: recommendations for shows that match your interests, exclusive editorial programming that includes TiVolution magazine, and Network Showcases (a forum for TiVo's network partners to highlight upcoming programs and specialized content). Monthly subscription to the TiVo service is available; a lifetime subscription to the TiVo service (without monthly fees) can be purchased with a single payment (equal to twenty monthly service fees as of 06/07/2001)

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