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Home Theater [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] Issues: 12 issues/1 year ~ This high-end consumer magazine celebrates the experience and technology of home theater.
Complete Idiot's Guide to Home Theater Systems by Michael Miller
RCA DS4290RE DirecTV System with Microsoft UltimateTV Service (Dish Included) FULL SYSTEM
If you're already a DirecTV customer, in order to enjoy the UltimateTV service you will need this new DirecTV Receiver as well as the UltimateTV service. Additionally, you will also need a dual-output-LNB DirecTV satellite antenna to get full UltimateTV functionality; click here for a full System).
You can use your existing DirecTV Receiver for another room, but you will need to purchase an accessory called a multiswitch to provide feeds to all boxes.

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RCA DWD490RE DirecTV Receiver with Microsoft UltimateTV Service
RCA's UltimateTV receiver equips you to enjoy not only DirecTV programming, but UltimateTV service from Microsoft as well as digital video recording, live TV controls, interactive TV, and Internet access--all in one tidy package. UltimateTV is available exclusively on the DirecTV Receiver with UltimateTV service, and another powerful feature of it is its dual satellite tuners, which let you record two live shows simultaneously or watch one live show while recording another.

To take full advantage of DirecTV programming, digital video recording, live TV controls, interactive programming, and Internet access you will need:

  • A DirecTV Receiver with UltimateTV capability
  • A dual-output-LNB DirecTV satellite antenna (not included with the RCA DWD490RE DirecTV Receiver; click here for a full System)
  • Remote control
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