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Novelty & Topical
Spoken Word
More Miscellaneous Essentials

Experimental Essentials's list of essential experimental music is a whirlwind tour of visionary, groundbreaking sonic sensation. From Harry Partch's lovely and warped American hobo classical music to minimalist electronic musician Ryoji Ikeda's abstract compositions, there's a whole lot of shaking going on, right here.
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Spoken-Word Essentials

Poetry, drama, and more are represented on this list of essential spoken-word recordings, which traverses the history of recorded sound from the earliest cylinder recordings to Ira Glass's moving and often hilarious radio program This American Life.
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Comedy Essentials

Take my album, please: stand up and cheer our Comedy Essentials. We've got highbrow humor and lowball tales, from Tom Lehrer and Monty Python to Richard Pryor and Woody Allen. Here are our Comedy Essentials.

Novelty & Topical Essentials

It might seem like an oxymoron: essential novelty and topical CDs? But for those with daring and adventurous appetites, nothing can beat the strange syncopated singing style of the Comedian Harmonists, Weird Al Yankovic's pop music parodies, the crazy cartoon music of Carl Stalling, or Tom Lehrer's political satire.
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