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Software for Handhelds
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Doom for Pocket PC by Simon & Schuster Interactive for PDA, Windows CE
Everquest (Pocket PC) by Sony Online Entertainment for PDA, Windows 2000 / XP
Expresso Run by ZIOSoft PDA
Ghosts 'N Goblins by Capcom for PDA, Windows CE
Handango Handheld Starter Pack by Handango for PDA
Legendary Wings by Capcom for PDA, Windows CE
Need For Speed by ZIOSoft for PDA, Windows CE
Section Z by Capcom for PDA, Windows CE
Solitaire for Palm & Pocket PC by Navarre for PDA, Palm OS, Windows CE
Tennis Addict by ZIOSoft for PDA, Windows CE
Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf by ZIOSoft for PDA, Palm OS, Windows CE
Tomb Raider (Pocket PC) by Eidos Interactive for PDA
Ultima Underworld by ZIOSoft for PDA, Windows CE
Sports & Fitness
HANDANGO Fitness Suite for Palm by Handango for Windows CE
Golfwits Pro 2.0 by Golfwits (CD-ROM) for Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000. Anyone who has an interest in his or her golf game besides, "Did I hit it straight this time?" will find some use in Golfwits Pro. This useful little program aims to help you document every drive, chip, pitch, and putt so that you can improve your... Read more
Software for Handhelds
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Software for Handhelds
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