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Microsoft Windows XP Software
Windows XP is the current version of Microsoft Windows beyond Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium. Windows XP brings the convergence of Windows operating systems by integrating the strengths of Windows 2000-standards-based security, manageability and reliability with the best features of Windows 98 and Windows Me-Plug and Play, easy-to-use user interface, and innovative support services to create the best Windows yet. 
Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition by Microsoft (CD-ROM)
See Upgrading below
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade by Microsoft (CD-ROM) Upgrade for users of Microsoft Windows 98, 98 SE, or Me
New visual design makes it easier to do common tasks efficiently.
Digital photo features let you acquire, organize, and share pictures.
All-in-one music tool for discovering, downloading, storing, and playback of the highest-quality digital music.
Everything you need to create, share, and enjoy videos on your computer.
Easy computer sharing and home networking.
The ultimate communication tool for instant messaging, voice or video conversations, and collaboration.
Tools for recovering from problems or getting help from an expert.
The most reliable, secure, and dependable operating system to keep your system up and running.
Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP
Windows XP-Loaded Computers
Windows XP-Compatible MP3 Players
Windows XP Books
Which Edition Is Right for You?

Microsoft offers three editions of the Windows® XP operating system:

Windows XP Home Edition is an excellent choice for most home users, with exciting new features that help you do more with your computer.
Windows XP Professional, the most full-featured edition, provides the highest levels of performance, productivity, and security. It is the best choice for business users and for home users who demand the most from their systems.
Windows XP 64-Bit Edition is designed for specialized, technical workstation users.
Designed specifically for technical workstation users, this edition is built on core elements of Windows XP Professional. Find out more about Windows XP 64-Bit Edition.

Still can't decide: Click Here

Microsoft Office XP - 2002 Software

Windows XP Books

Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows XP Professional by Microsoft (CD-ROM) Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / Me
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Upgrade by Microsoft (CD-ROM) Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / Me ~ Upgrade for users of Microsoft Windows 98, 98 SE, Me, NT 3.51, NT 4.0, 2000 Professional or XP Home Edition
All the features of Windows XP Home Edition , plus
Greater security, including the ability to encrypt your files and folders, to protect your business data.
Premier mobile support for the ability to work offline or access your computer remotely.
Built-in support for high-performance multiprocessor systems.
Designed to work with Microsoft Windows Servers and management solutions.
Communicate efficiently with others around the world by working in any given language.
See the Windows XP Comparison Guide for more details about the differences between Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional.

Upgrading from Previous Versions of Windows

Do you qualify for an upgrade to Windows XP Home Edition? To find out if you're eligible, look for the version of Windows that you currently have, and then check to see if you can upgrade to the edition of Windows XP that is best for you. Not sure which edition of Windows XP you need? See Which Edition is Right for You? (above)
Previous Version Windows XP Home Edition Windows XP Professional
Windows 3.1 NO NO
Any Evaluation Version NO NO
Any Server Version NO NO
Windows 95 NO NO
Windows 98/Windows 98 SE YES YES
Windows Me YES YES
Windows NT 3.51 NO NO
Windows NT 4.0 NO YES
Windows 2000 Professional NO YES
Windows XP Home Edition YES
Windows XP Professional NO  
System requirements
Pentium 233 MHz or faster processor
128 MB RAM
1.5 GB hard disk space
CD-ROM or DVD drive
Sound card
Keyboard and mouse
DVD video playback requires DVD drive and DVD decoder card or DVD decoder software and 8 MB video RAM
Video capture feature requires appropriate digital or analog video capture device and 400 MHz or faster processor for digital video camera capture
33.6K modem and Internet access required for online and conferencing features
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